The Most Followed Lao Instagram Celebrities


Apart from Facebook, Instagram is one of the most used social media websites in Laos.

Thousands of pictures flood the digital platform daily as both amateurs and professionals show off their photography skills, gaining many followers and admirers in the process. At the apex of accounts stand the celebrities of Laos, the majority of them hailing from the entertainment industry.

Models, singers and influencers don their best attire, put on their best smile and prep their camera filters as they put on a digital spectacle, gaining recognition and praise and at times not-so-flattering comments from the envious haters of the nakleng keyboard (cyber bullies) persuasion.

Nevertheless, being active on Instagram constitutes not only an ego boost for these net idols but often earns them advertising and sponsorship opportunities from large and small brands. Whether it’s an upcoming restaurant or the newest line of cosmetics and creams, these net idols are facilitators of brand awareness and inspire the envy and admiration of impressionable teens and young adults, evident in the sheer number of their followers which hover in the hundreds of thousands.

Here’s a look at the most followed individuals on Instagram in Laos:

May May Savan: 66.9k

May Savan has made her fame with pictures of her luxurious lifestyle, complete with designer handbags, diamonds and in the company of other wealthy socialites. She is often seen on lavish trips overseas.

Kai Overdance: 85.3k

The forever sexy Kai launched into stardom at a young age as a member one of modern Laos’ first pop bands, Overdance. The group has since disbanded and now Kai Overdance has made a career for herself as a singer, model, brand presenter and emcee. She has appeared on the cover of numerous local magazines such as Kuanjai, Mahason and Wow Magazine, and as the presenters of numerous local and foreign brands such as Ford, Aviva Jewelry, Ovaltine. The talented superstar is also happily married and a mother of two.

Barbie Piyamarth: 94.5k

The cute Barbie Piyamarth became famous as a singer several years ago with her hit single, Kha Jai. Since then, she’s been featured in magazines, and appeared on numerous talk shows. She then received acting gigs, appearing in Jear Pacific’s hit romantic comedy, Hong Ham Thao. Her beauty and acting skills have caught the attention of Thailand’s top producers who have recently engaged her to star in the upcoming Thai movie, opposite famous Thai actor Chakrit Yamnan, Memories of New Years.

Annita Thivaphone: 107k

The gorgeous Annita boasts a wide range of talents from singing, modeling to dancing and video jockeying. She’s also been featured on numerous covers of magazines and produced a number of hit singles like Sexy Boy and Bod Hien Laka Pheng. She’s also been the product ambassador for international brands, Coca Cola and Huawei.

Noony Koumphonphakdee: 164k

As a contestant on the hit show Take Me Out Thailand, Noony surprised everyone by bravely and comically speaking in Lao in a predominantly Thai-language TV show and impressed the game show’s star Aoff so much that the two are currently a couple. Since then, Noony has received numerous brand ambassador deals for a several brands.

Ling Ling Piyardar: 210k

Arguably the most popular transexual in Laos, Ling Ling has been the source of inspiration of many, as breaking barriers in the entertainment industry in Laos. She’s often seen in fashion shoots for magazines and fashion runway modeling.

Nang Chandaly: 234k

The irresistible Nang Chandaly started off her beauty career as Miss Lux (a beauty pageant sponsored by Unilever’s Lux shampoo brand), at the time a national beauty contest comparable to the Miss Laos competition. Not only is she beautiful but Nang is also a graduate of a famous medical school in Shanghai, China. Nang is also one of the fortunate few to have been selected to appear in the highly regarded Beerlao calendar.

Louknum Thidalath: 283k

Thrust into the spotlight at a very young age when she had won the Miss Laos competition, Louknam excelled at modeling and later acting. She appeared as the star of Hong Ham Thao. Her acting ability and adorableness have landed her brand ambassador deals with Samsung and multiple Thai TV show appearances.

Alexandra Bounxouei: 332k

Ultra talented half-Lao, half-Bulgarian singer, actress, model and entrepreneur Alexandra Bounxouei grew up in a family that had music in their veins and hearts. Addressing herself as “Xandra,” this talented singer was among the first singers in Laos to truly go international, becoming a hit sensation in Thailand, Japan, Australia, America and Europe. She was the first Lao actress to appear in a modern Thai production, Rim Fung Kong, alongside famous actor Weir Sukollawat. Since then, she’s appeared on stage singing both Lao, Thai, Japanese and English songs, representing Laos on the world stage at countless high profile national and international events.

Chi Chi: 445k

This alluring, young model was among the first to launch her stardom through Instagram and quickly rose to the top with amazing and candid posts of her luxurious lifestyle.

Apple Miniberry: 910k

Apple began her celebrity life in show business in Thailand and rapidly rose to be among the country’s top celebrities amassing a following of close to one million. She recently married Thai singer Fluke Jira of the band C-Quint.