Chinese Cement Plant Explosion in Northern Laos Kills One, Injures 20

Cement Factory Explosion in Northern Laos

An explosion at a Chinese-owned cement plant Luang Prabang Province last Saturday has caused one death and multiple injuries.

At least 20 residents of Phonemany Village, Nambak District, have been injured, while houses and vehicles were destroyed in the powerful blast.

More explosives than usual were apparently used in Saturday’s blast, causing a much larger explosion than expected.

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Mr. Khamvone Keolounan, Vice Governor of Nambak District, said in an interview with the Lao Post that prior to blasting, district authorities would inspect the site, ensuring that proper preparations had been made. He said that explosions caused by the blasting had never been this powerful in the past, and debris had never reached the homes of surrounding villages.

A massive piece of debris from the explosion falls on a nearby home
A massive piece of debris from the explosion falls on a nearby home

During Saturday’s blast, explosives had been mounted on the side of a cliff, which may have caused debris to fly in a different direction than usual, added Mr. Khamvone.

An investigation into the incident is still ongoing, and officials will put stricter measures in place for future blasting operations.


A video of the incident can be seen below, as aired on Lao Star channel:


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