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Japan Arrests Lao Citizen for Smuggling Ivory

Japan Arrests Lao Citizen for Smuggling Out Ivory

Japan has arrested a Lao citizen for an attempt to smuggle ivory from the country.

The 27-year-old Lao citizen was caught in Narita International Airport while carrying more than 230 banned items, mostly parts of animals, including 13 pieces of ivory, in his bags. He was arrested for smuggling them out without checking with customs.

The Lao citizen entered Japan in December 2015 and worked as a zookeeper at a zoo in the city of Susono for three and a half years. He is suspected of having collected such items while working there.

The suspect explained that he was going to sell them to friends or use them as a home decoration.

In 1990, international ivory trading was banned in principle under CITES, which is also known as the Washington Convention.



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