Deputy Mayor Clarifies Covid-19 Restriction Measures in Vientiane Capital

Prime Minister of Laos Orders Vientiane Lockdown

Deputy Mayor of Vientiane Captial, Phouvong Vongkhamsao, has clarified Covid-19 restriction measures in place in the nation’s capital from 1 to 15 October.

He spoke during today’s announcement by the National Taskforce regarding the extension of Covid-19 restrictions, saying a balance must be struck between public health, effective governance, and economic measures.

The new Covid-19 restriction measures in place for the next two weeks are as follows.


Vientiane Capital must continue vaccinations and reach its target as fast as possible and guarantee that no vaccines will be wasted or expire. Mechanisms will be put in place to ensure that infected persons are located, treated, and isolated correctly.

Checkpoints will remain in place closing off entrance and exit of certain areas, with checkpoints at Don Village in Paknguem District, Thadeua in Hatsaifong, Nongda in Sikhottabong, and Khokhae in Sanghthong.

More hotels and other locations will be utilized for quarantine and isolation.

District authorities must monitor and ensure the closure of karaoke bars, massage parlors, spas, cinemas, pubs and barbecue restaurants, food gardens, tourist sites, night markets, beauty parlors, internet cafes, snooker halls, and casinos.

Factories and plants must cease operations in areas with outbreaks of Covid-19 among factory workers or the community unless otherwise authorized by the National Taskforce.

Travel within the city of Vientiane Capital will be managed by village authorities, who will institute and manage checkpoints 24 hours per day. Villages designated as red zones will be fully blockaded, including laneways and major roads. All factories, businesses, and offices will be prohibited from operating in red zones, while restaurants will be authorized to provide delivery and takeaway services only.

Those in areas with outbreaks of community spread of Covid-19 will be strictly prohibited from entering areas without an outbreak, while those in areas without outbreaks will not be allowed to enter areas with outbreaks.

District authorities must ensure fitness centers, sports stadiums, and gyms remain closed in red zones, as well as prohibiting any sporting activities and exercise in public areas in red zones.

All gatherings and parties are strictly prohibited at any location at any time, with those who violate regulations to be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Any stockpiling, hoarding or an unreasonable increase in the price of food or consumer goods is strictly prohibited.

Road traffic will be strictly prohibited across the city from 9 pm to 5 am, except for freight transportation vehicles, emergency vehicles, and vehicles of the Covid-19 Taskforce or government officials undertaking their work.

Schools and educational institutions at every level are to close across Vientiane Capital, with the academic year being postponed.

Meetings or conferences with more than 20 participants are prohibited, and Covid-19 prevention measures, including wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing, must remain in place at all times.

Government departments, businesses, and enterprises in Vientiane Capital must ensure workers or civil servants rotate personnel or work from home using electronic means. Those in at-risk groups or pregnant women who cannot be vaccinated must work from home. Embassies and international organizations may liaise with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding working conditions.

Deputy Mayor of Vientiane Captial, Mr. Phouvong Vongkhamsao
Deputy Mayor of Vientiane Captial, Mr. Phouvong Vongkhamsao clarifies Covid-19 restrictions.

Eased Measures

Retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets, minimarts in areas that are not designated as red zones may operate from 9am to 8pm, while fresh markets in areas that are not red zone may operate from 6am to 7pm but must ensure Covid-19 prevention measures are implemented. Any such venue found to be violating Covid-19 prevention measures will be temporarily closed.

Barbershops and hairdressers that are not in red zones may resume operations from 9am to 7pm, with Covid-19 prevention measures including social distancing strictly followed at all times. Employees and customers must have received two doses of vaccine before they may receive services, and must not have come from red zones.

Restaurants and cafes outside red zones may open from 6am to 8pm and are authorized to provide dine-in services, but must ensure tables are spaced at least one meter apart, while service of alcohol remains prohibited. Covid-19 prevention measures must be strictly implemented at all times.

Factories and plants outside of red zones may open after being inspected by the Covid Taskforce and relevant authorities to ensure the safety of the workplace and dormitories.

Meetings and conferences with fewer than 20 participants may be held, however, participants from red zones or persons who have had close contact with infected persons may not attend. Authorization must be requested by the Covid Taskforce prior to arranging any meeting or conference.

Boats may be used for fishing activities between 6 am and 6 pm only, while local authorities are tasked with strictly monitoring and reporting all boat activities.

Transport vehicles and drivers may continue to enter and exit Vientiane Capital but drivers must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and Covid-19 prevention measures must be implemented at all times.

Regarding indoor and outdoor exercise and sporting activities, or exercise in public areas that are not red zones, the location must be assessed for risk and those organizing activities or the owner of the venue must sign an agreement guaranteeing participant safety. Should the area see an outbreak of Covid-19, the owner of the premises or organizer of activities must take full responsibility for all damages, including the cost of treatment and quarantine for infected persons or those with close contact.

Individuals or organizations in violation of any of the regulations instituted by Vientiane Capital or district authorities will be liable for fines of up to LAK 10,000,000.