Amateur Singer Launches New Song to Cheer Hadxaifong Paddlers


An amateur singer named Mr. Bounpadeth Xaiyavong recently launched his new single Nangsao Laokham’ to the public and also uploaded it to Youtube, hoping for a good reception from music fans.Nangsao Laokham i s a new song full of meaning, named after a racing boat from Xaifongneua village in Hadxaifong district,Vientiane,  written by Mr. Xaen Xaphakdee, the song describes the history of the boat, solidarity of the crew, and then cheers them on towards victory.

This is a special and colourful song to welcome the boat racing festivals, some of which have already started and will continue nationwide until October.

Mr. Bounpadeth, who is well known as an amateur singer by the name of Mr. Ki is also himself a music composer and song writer.

Mr. Bounpadeth fell in love with all aspects of music, especially singing, at a very young age.

Prior to Nangsao Laokham , he also launched two other songs Jaisor and Haksaothabor with full accompanying music videos on Youtube.

Mr. Bounpadeth is also the founder of a mini music band named Ki Elect one. He regularly leads his group to entertain people in Vientiane and some provinces, and the group has become popular with large numbers of music lovers.

But Nangsao Laokham is his first special song for cheering on the boat racing.

He told Vientiane Times yesterday that he was very happy with this song because it is a special song for welcoming the boat racing festival and he also asked for support from music lovers.

I am very happy to sing this special song and also would like to ask music lovers to support my work, especially Nangsao Laokham , and others which are now available on Youtube.

So it is easy to reach them. Of course, I will produce new music and songs again and have them launched soon, he assured fans.

The song writer, Mr. Xaen is also an amateur who has been active in the music game and song writing in particular for many years.

He wrote many songs and sang them himself as a hobby in his free time. Nangsao Laokham is the first time he has written a song for someone else to perform.

He is very happy and proud to write this song for cheering on the racing boat from his village and encouraging the crew.

He said that h e wrote this special song because he likes boat racing and loves the racing boat of his village.

Nangsao Laokham is an old racing boat which has won many titles from competitions in both Laos and other countries, he said.

It is a big racing boat with 55 crew seats. Last year, this boat finished in fourth place at the Vientiane boat racing. However, this year, the crew hopes to be the winner. So, I wrote this song for encouraging the crew and honouring the boat, Mr. Xaen explained.

Boat racing festivals are scheduled annually nationwide from August until October.

The events feature boating competitions with solidarity and friendship of the public, cultural performances and other entertainment activities along with shopping for local handmade products.

By far the biggest event is Vientiane Boat Racing Festival which this year is scheduled to be held on October 17.

Source: Vientiane Times