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FIFA 2018 Fans Must Legally Watch Games Only Through Exclusive Media Right Owner TVLAO

Restaurants, beer gardens and other entertainment venues that have the intention of publicly broadcasting the FIFA 2018 matches to their guests and customers are required to pay licensing fees in the amount of 5,000,000 kip (approximately US$595) to TVLAO, the sole company granted the exclusive right to broadcast the FIFA …

Essential ingredients

Keeping it real is the name of the game for Les Artisans Lao

High above an art gallery, in a small room in a narrow building off a side street in downtown Vientiane, is a humming laboratory.

There, young locals in white lab coats hover over heating and cutting machines, …

The Best of Laos

A country could tell its whole story through food, if only it knew how.

 When Latsamy Vetsaphong first heard a western friend wondering aloud where they could buy some of the amazing delicacies they had tried while in Laos, she realised there was a gap in the market for Lao …

Government Declares One-Dish Menu Items to Be Priced No More Than 15,000 Kip

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has just announced that it will be implementing a new price control policy, in Vientiane Capital, on the following popular menu items in restaurants: pho, kao piek, kao pat, and kao latna.

The notice, dated 25 May, and signed by the DG …

Dao Coffee Releases “Companion For Your Journey” Visit Laos Year Video

Dao Coffee has just released a tourism-themed video that invites all Lao people to visit tourism destinations in their own country.

Filled with vibrant and colorful scenes of caves and waterfalls, houses and churches, streets and coffee shops, the video follows an adventurous Lao teenage backpacker student from Vientiane capital as he journeys to the places he’s only dreamed …

FPT University and Sengsavanh Group to Offer First International Tertiary Education in Laos

The Sengsavanh Education Group, one of the largest education firms in Laos, has made preparations to become the first college in Laos to offer international tertiary education after reaching an agreement with the Vietnamese FPT Education Group.

Sengsavanh Education Group President, Dr Khamsen Sisavong, and FPT Education Group President, Dr Le Troung …

Central Bank Approves Only 3 QR Payment Services in Laos

The Bank of Laos (BOL) has issued a statement to the general public regarding the use of QR code payment services being offered by financial institutions that have not been given authorization by the BOL.

The public statement stated that the only financial organizations that have been approved to offer QR code payment services to the …

Laos Making Efforts to Improve Ease of Doing Business

ease of doing business in Laos

The government of Laos is making efforts to improve the ease of doing business in the country by streamlining the process for business registrations.

According to the World Bank Ease of Doing Business ranking system, Laos took 141st place in 2017, dropping steadily from 134th place in 2014, and …