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Hundreds Storm PS Lao Enterprise’s Offices

On Tuesday, September 12th, two senior executives of PS Lao Enterprise were taken into police custody following a heated dispute between the company’s co-presidents, Ms Souknaly Thepsimeuang and Mr Porher, and an angry swarm of shareholders demanding their investments be returned. It is currently unclear whether the duo were placed …

Seven Shades of Indigo: The Laha Story

Laha Indigo Laos

In spiritual terms, indigo is the colour of intuition and perception. In fashion terms, it’s synonymous with denim – deep of hue and naturally dyed.

It’s also one of the seven colours of the rainbow and has up to seven of its own distinct shades.  But did you know that …

Coffee, bagels and a loving push (the true Joma story)


Words: Francis Savanhkham
Photos: Phoonsab Thevongsa

Way back in 1994, a Canadian living in Vientiane opened a bakery. Much and More, as it was then called, had two main reasons for existing. One was to produce and supply sandwich bread to surrounding businesses. But its main purpose was to provide …

Korea Eyes Laos and Cambodia for E-commerce Opportunities


A Capacity Building Workshop for expanding business opportunities in e-commerce has been organized by the ASEAN-Korea Center in Vientiane for Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

Organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI), the purpose of the workshop is to

Lao Airlines Searches for Overseas Shareholders

Lao Airlines Flight to Japan

Government officials have announced that they are in the process of pursuing a strategic partner for the state-owned enterprise, Lao Airlines, in an effort to improve operational efficiencies across its portfolio.

However, despite the push for an outside investor, government spokesman, Mr Chaleun Yiapaoher has clarified that Laos  will not …

Coffee Giant Dao-Heuang Owes 27 Billion kip to Lao Farmers

coffee beans

After falling several months behind in payments for raw beans, one of the largest firms in Laos, Dao-Heuang Group, has racked up  an estimated 27 billion kip in debt owed to 2000 of the country’s coffee farmers.

According to the Champassak provincial Industry and Commerce Department, after paying off other

Frustrated Road Users Insist Government Take Over Tolls


Frequent commuters and traders on Road 16 in Champassak province, are voicing their discontentment on the high toll fares collected on the road that links  the province to the Vangtao-Chongmek International Border Checkpoint in  Thailand.

As previously reported by The Laotian Times, back in November of 2016,  business operators,

POS Launch Party at Naked Espresso Khamkhong

Fourleaf POS App

Owner of popular Naked Espresso cafe franchise, Mr Ariya Khamvongsa, emphasized the importance of cooperation and camaraderie among cafe and restaurant owners, at a launch party for a new FOURLEAF POS system held on June 9 at Naked Espresso Khamkhong Branch.

Mr Ariya said that connecting and evolving together is