Rescue Teams Train Ahead of Summits


Vientiane medical staff and rescue teams have been undertaking rescue drills to improve their emergency response, particularly with a view to any potential call outs during the upcoming ASEAN summits in Vientiane.

Some 270 medical staff including nurses from several hospitals, rescue teams and local police officers took part in this first aid and medical emergency response services training course.

The training course, which was the second of its kind, took place at Mittaphab Hospital in Vientiane yesterday.

The practice focused on giving first aid to victims of accidental fires or collapsed buildings. The Ministry of Health has also confirmed that they are ready to provide the medical staff, hospital equipment and health care service venues in the event of any incident.

They are preparing to deliver first aid services and emergency medical response as required during the summits, which will see several thousand delegates and media personnel descend on the capital.

Officials from Mittaphab Hospital said medical staff as well as ambulance support will be available 24 hours per day from August 3-8 to respond to the healthcare needs of delegates.

There were some 14 ambulances including six based at Mittaphab Hospital ready to respond to emergencies and convey any accident victims to emergency care. Meanwhile, concerned officials have also prepared some fire trucks so they are ready to respond to accidental fires. Comprehensive medical services will be provided at designated hospitals including Mahosot Hospital, Mittaphab Hospital and Setthathirath Hospital.

The preparations come as the Lao capital prepares for the hosting of key meetings of the 10- member ASEAN bloc and its dialogue partners.

Source: Vientiane Times