Luang Prabang to Raise Funds for Poor Children’s Medical Care


Almost 1,000 local people and expatriates have already registered for the Luang Prabang half marathon to raise funds to provide free medical care to poor children at the Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

“The Luang Prabang half marathon is scheduled for October 23 in Laung Prabang Province,” Ms Vanpheng Souththichack, the head of the organising committee ‘Team We Run’ told the Lao News Agency via telephone yesterday.

The marathon is being held to raise funds for the Lao Friends Hospital for Children in their mission to provide free medical care and treatment to poor children, which can total 1,000 patients per month or more, according to Ms Vanpheng.

She said that there is a high rate of child and infant mortality in the mountainous provinces of Laos due to the lack of sufficient medical facilities. The healthcare that the Lao Friends Hospital for Children provides is sustained by the help of donors from various parts of the world.

Lao participants can register for runs of 7 km or 14 km for 50,000 kip or for the 21 km run for 160,000 kip.

For expatriates the price is US$40 for the 7 km run, US$55 for the 14 km run, and US$80 for the 21 km run.

The activity was first conducted in 2013 and last year, almost 500 people joined in the event, said Ms Vanpheng.

The four runners of the Team We Run running group are currently on their way to Luang Prabang for the forthcoming marathon. They are expected to arrive there today.

The Lao Friends Hospital for Children is located in Phoumok village, Luang Prabang district.

The Luang Prabang Half Marathon was organized by the Education and Sports Department of Luang Prabang Province and the Lao Friends Hospital for Children.


Source: KPL