Children’s Hospital Marks Fifth Anniversary


The Children’s Hospital in Vientiane hopes to be a fully-fledged modern facility by 2025, providing all patients with top quality service.

Speaking at a ceremony on Friday to mark the hospital’s fifth anniversary, its Director Dr Sommanikhone Phangmanixay said the hospital has a specific plan to develop an increasingly broad range of services from now until 2025.

The hospital aims to provide all forms of paediatric service and there will be clinics offering specific treatments. Staff will be able to treat serious illnesses and transfer patients if necessary. Improvements will be made to the radiology, X-ray, and pharmacy departments as well as to equipment, while nursing skills will be upgraded to match those in the region. Another goal is for the hospital to become a training centre for medical students and health officials at all levels.

In addition, the hospital aims to provide a comfortable environment for all patients and their relatives.

Dr Sommanikhone said that over the past five years, the number of people visiting the hospital has increased every day. About 600 people were admitted overnight each month and about 200 people were treated in outpatient clinics each day. In addition, about 150 people were treated in the intensive care unit each day. The Children’s Hospital opened in 2011, with 70 beds. Its construction was funded by the government of the Republic of Korea. Today it employs 118 medical staff and has 18 divisions and four units, specialising in surgery, allergies, blood diseases, cancer and children’s development.

Minister of Health Associate Professor Dr Bounkong Syhavong and other officials also attended the anniversary celebration.


Source: Vientiane Times