Khammuan Clamps Down on Sale of Substandard Goods


Authorities in Khammuan province are carrying out strict checks to remove substandard goods from market stalls and shops in a bid to put an end to a chronic problem.

Local authorities found various substandard and out-of-date products in Khounkham and Bualapha districts and disposed of these goods, which included food items, soft drinks, cosmetics and chainsaws worth over 31 million kip.

Khounkham district officials said they visited 127 stalls during their search for illegally imported goods.

They confiscated 15 chainsaws and machinery spare parts from four shops worth more than 14 million kip, with most of the businesses owned by Chinese and Vietnamese nationals.

Officials also found 44 out-of-date products on sale at 68 stalls worth more than 13 million kip, which included soft drinks, cooking ingredients, and cosmetics.

The authorities warned the vendors and recorded their names. They were told that if they continued to import products illegally they would be charged in accordance with the law.

Bualapha district officials also reported that they found substandard goods and confiscated items including food, soft drinks, and children’s products.

Authorities in other provinces are also on the lookout for substandard goods, especially New Year gift baskets.

The Food and Drug Department under the Ministry of Health has warned the public to be careful when buying gift baskets because some of the items they contain may be imitation or past their sell-by date. This may not be obvious because they will be mixed in with other items.

In the run up to every New Year holiday, health officials visit markets in Vientiane and the provinces to look for expired goods tucked into gift baskets, in the interests of consumer safety.

The Consumer Protection Law aims to protect the life, health, property and rights of consumers, which includes people affected by poor quality or illegal goods and services such as food, medicine, cosmetics, and healthcare. The law also covers disagreements between consumers and suppliers.

The Consumer Protection Law stipulates the measures to be taken against violators. Authorities will issue violators with a warning on the first offence but will fine them if they repeat the misdemeanor.

Source: Vientiane Times