Cow and Buffalo Deaths Occur in Vientiane Province

cow and buffalo deaths in vientiane province

In addition to the cow deaths occurring in Vientiane Capital this month, a number of cattle have now died in several villages in Vientiane Province.

Local veterinarians have been unable to determine the cause of death.

Two cows died in Phonsavath Village earlier this month, while ten more cows were found dead in Sengchalern Village. 13 buffalo were also reported dead in Naxomboun Village.

Experts theorize that the cattle have contracted some form of disease, whether spread from other cattle or other animals is unknown.

The 13 dead buffalo were purchased from a neighboring province, and after being put out to pasture they suddenly began to die.

District Governor Saman Visetyaphong is quoted in a report by the Vientiane Times as saying that residents have been instructed to temporarily suspend the sale of beef, and farmers have been asked not to move their animals in order to prevent the spread of disease.

Meanwhile, local veterinarians and agricultural specialists are investigating sick animals in the province.

Earlier this month, 40 cows died in Xaysettha District, Vientiane Capital, suspected of being poisoned by chemical waste.  Another 80 cow deaths were reported in the same area the previous month.