Laos, Cambodia to Withdraw Border Troops Tomorrow

Laos, Cambodia to Withdraw Border Troops Tomorrow

Laos and Cambodia have agreed to withdraw their troops completely from the countries’ shared northern border as tensions ease.

The two sides agreed to withdraw troops from both sides of the area – located at E0523410 N1579776 – where border demarcation has not yet been implemented, according to a report in the Lao ​People’s Army Newspaper.

The withdrawal is expected to begin at 8 am and be completed at 11 am on August 29 as both sides would oversee the process.

The decision was made at a meeting between the Lao and Cambodian militaries on August 27 at the Donkhamao traditional border in Khong district, Champasack province.

The tension between the two countries began to simmer on August 11 when Lao and Cambodian troops confronted each other in an area along the border.

However, the situation was quickly stabilized after leaders from the two nations spokes to each other on August 24.

Meanwhile, on August 27, at the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Anousine Khattiyalath, Mr. Anousine Khattiyalath, Deputy Head of the National Boundary Committee said in a statement that the area in question was stable, and two countries were not engaged in any kind of standoff.

Mr. Anousine raised his concern that various unofficial online news media, either domestic or foreign, were “creating a misunderstanding” between the two countries and “damaging” the longstanding good relationship.

“In regard to the resolution of problems at the border between Laos and Cambodia, both parties are holding to a peaceful approach, by means of negotiation, to ensure that the border area between both countries can be a peaceful, friendly, and cooperative border,” he added.

At the meeting between the Lao and Cambodian militaries yesterday, three points were decided upon:

1. Both parties agreed to remove their troops from the region in question (E0523410 N1579776) and return to their original positions.

2. The two sides agreed to form a joint committee to observe and supervise the withdrawal of troops from the two sides, assigning five persons each.

3. The two sides agreed to schedule the implementation of their withdrawal from this point from 8:00 – 11:00 pm on August 29, 2019.