Chinese Embassy, Lao Police Deport 137 Scammers

Chinese Embassy, Lao Police Deport 137 Scammers
Chinese Embassy, Lao Police deport 137 scammers.

The Chinese Embassy to Laos has urged Lao people to be wary of groups of Chinese scammers after the deportation of 137 Chinese nationals on Tuesday.

Some 137 Chinese nationals were arrested and deported back to China on Tuesday after involvement in a “boiler room” type call center operation.

Chinese officials chartered two Lao Airlines planes at Wattay Airport to repatriate the fraudsters, in cooperation with Lao officers from the Foreigner Control Department, General Department of Police, under the Ministry of Public Security.

According to a warning issued by the Chinese Embassy, the most recent group of Chinese scammers to have infiltrated Lao society have been found offering food or cigarettes laced with sleep-inducing drugs. Victims report awakening to find their belongings and valuables stolen.

The embassy warns that all residents of Laos should exercise caution, and should not accept any gifts from strangers.

Chinese residents and visitors to Laos have been making headlines recently, after graffiti in Chinese language was found on several sacred sites in Luang Prabang, and a group of Chinese nationals beat a Lao motorist when a traffic disagreement spiraled out of control.