Laos to Register Taxpayer Identity Numbers for Individuals

Tax Breaks for Covid-19 Affected Businesses in Laos to assist in economic growth

Authorities have announced that Lao citizens and foreigners with income in Laos must register for a taxpayer identification number.

According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday, all persons liable to personal income, including Lao citizens and foreigners throughout the country, must register a taxpayer identification number.

The compulsory registration of all individuals liable to personal income in Laos will be conducted from 10 February to 30 June this year.

According to the notice, individuals who are liable to personal income include public servants, soldiers, police, businesspeople, vendors (including online vendors), athletes, actors, laborers, and others.

Tax ID Notice
Notice by the Ministry of Finance on Taxpayer Identification numbers.

The notice states that the requirement for registration of taxpayers is aimed at the protection, monitoring, and promotion of income earners who have fulfilled their obligations to the government and are entitled to policies or benefits in accordance with the law.

In addition, the registration of taxpayer identities will assist in the creation of a national personal income database in order to better collect taxes and into the state budget accurately, transparently, and fairly.

All individuals will be able to register for their taxpayer identification number at provincial departments of tax or district tax offices.

Documents required to register for the number include ID card or passport, family registration book, telephone number, all bank account numbers, and social security card number.


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