Man Arrested for Murder of Chinese National in Bokeo Province

Man arrested for murder of Chinese national in Bokeo

Authorities have arrested a man following the murder of his employer in Bokeo Province last week.

According to a report by Lao Security News, a 27-year-old Chinese national was found seriously injured on 8 March at his motorcycle repair shop in Paoli Village, Houayxay District, Bokeo Province.

The man’s neck had sustained a slash wound consistent with a knife attack, and he died in hospital the same day.

An 18-year-old suspect, identified as Mr. Koung, admitted to police that a confrontation with his boss led to the murder.

Chinese national murdered in Bokeo
Chinese national in Bokeo dies in hospital following attack by an employee.

Koung had been as employed as a mechanic at the repair shop belonging to the victim, identified as Mr. Leeziew, since last month.

On the evening of the incident, a confrontation occurred between Koung and Leeziew, who was closing the shop.

“I became very angry and wanted to kill him, so I knocked him down, beat him, and attacked him with a knife,” confessed Mr. Kung.

Mr. Kung said that he had been unhappy with his working conditions for some time, saying that his employer treated him poorly and refused to allow him to eat breakfast at the shop if he arrived late.

Police believe the murder may have been premeditated, despite the suspect stating he committed the crime following the confrontation.