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Police Arrest Illegal Entrants Returning From Thailand

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Authorities have arrested two Lao migrant workers attempting to illegally return to Laos from Thailand today.

According to a report by the Sikhottabong District Police Department, two Lao migrant workers attempted an illegal border crossing along the Mekong River today in Tad Thong Village, Sikhotthabong District of Vientiane Capital.

The pair were attempting to return to Laos without registering themselves as per regulations.

Before taking legal action, police took both of them to a state quarantine center and had them tested for Covid-19.

Authorities are redoubling efforts to patrol the Mekong River, which serves as a border with neighboring Thailand in many districts.

A notice was issued by the Vientiane Capital Taskforce for COVID-19 Prevention and Control on Tuesday grounding all boats.

The notice states that authorities in Pakngeum, Sisattanak, Hatsayfong, Sikhottabong, and Sangthong districts in the capital are to coordinate with police and local authorities along the Mekong River in Thailand to monitor and prevent those illegally entering Laos from Thailand.

Lao migrant workers in Thailand who wish to return to Vientiane must register at the first Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge and undergo quarantine at a state quarantine center. At this time, no workers are permitted to travel to Thailand.

However, some Lao migrant workers continue to enter the country illegally through boat crossings.

Authorities urge anyone who discovers persons illegally entering Laos to report such actions to the local police or call either of the Covid hotline numbers; 165 or 166.

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