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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Maruhan Launches Fund for Medical Frontliners

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In light of the second wave of Covid-19 in Laos, MARUHAN Japan Bank today announced its initiative to support medical frontliners and volunteers in battling the scourge of this pandemic.

As a trusted financial partner to consumers, businesses, and the community, Maruhan is keen to contribute and galvanize support to help alleviate the challenges facing the nation’s frontliners – who are our true heroes.

To kick-start our response to the urgent needs of designated hospitals and testing centers, Maruhan is immediately contributing 100 pieces of PPE suits, 41 portable hospital beds, 2,500 pieces of face masks, 5,000 pieces of surgical gloves, 100 bottles of hand sanitizes and 3,600 bottles of drinking water. This will be handed over to the Ministry of Health for their distribution.

Aligned to this objective, Maruhan is honored to launch the “MJBL COVID VIRA-BU-LOUD FUND” to encourage and enable the public and business community to donate to this meaningful cause in support of all medical frontliners.

It is a LAK bank account at Maruhan with account number 024458140001. To enable easy access and transfers, it is QR enabled as displayed below and can be transferred via Unitel’s e-wallet “u-money” and LTC’s e-wallet “M- Money” by indicating this assigned contact number 020-58250665.

This account is managed with a high level of governance and transparency as per our banking standards. Contributions, balances, and usage will be shared publicly. The use of the funds will be strictly limited to the purchase and delivery of essential items as requested by relevant authorities & medical centers only.

To transfer by QR using MJ Saduak only

Maruhan Japan Bank Lao Limited, 23 Singha Road, Unit 14, Ban Phonxay, Xaysettha District, Vientiane, Lao P.D.R. Tel: +856 21 411 777, Website: www.maruhanjapanbanklao.com

MJBL will also coordinate messages of encouragement, hope, and gratitude to all the brave front-liners who work tirelessly to save daily lives.

Mr. Anthony Chin, Chief Executive Officer of MJBL said, “We are deeply concerned with this second wave and are in full support of the government of Lao PDR’s ongoing efforts to respond, contain and overcome this pandemic. Laos has done extremely well in the first wave and we believe together, we can all do our part to help overcome this second wave.”

“In our own small way, my team and I are humbled to contribute some relief and assistance to the enormous tasks facing our medical community now. We are reaching out to all our family, friends, business partners, customers and the public at large to please join us in supporting our medical frontliners, our real sacrifices,” he said.

He continued by stating that this is the most noble of all human values, urging everyone to please contribute generously.

We are starting in Vientiane Capital and plan to extend to Luang Prabhang and Champasak provinces soon. We are reaching out to all our family, friends, business partners, customers and public at large to please join us in supporting all brave medical front liners who are working tirelessly daily to save lives. This is the most noble of human values. Please contribute generously and hope others will follow suit. We pray for the safety and well-being of everyone in Lao PDR and other countries alike”.

MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao (MJBL) is the leading bank in digital, innovation, and SME in Laos, bringing all of its global expertise, resources, and innovation to better serve its customers.

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