Laos Appoints New Deputy Minister of Health, Reshuffles Ministry

Reshuffle in Ministry of Health

The government of Laos has appointed Dr. Sanong Thongsana, former Director of Mittaphab Hospital, as the new Deputy Minister of Health.
Dr. Sanong Thongsana is to replace outgoing Deputy Minister Dr. Phouthone Muongpak, famous for his appearances in outreach campaigns promoting vaccinations.

According to a report by the Ministry of Health’s Centre of Information and Education for Health, Dr. Phouthone Muongpak has been appointed as the new President of the Lao Red Cross.

Prof. Dr. Phouthone Muongpak Deputy Minister of Health
Former Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Phouthone Muongpak will become the new President of the Lao Red Cross.

A handover of the ceremony was held on Friday at the Ministry of Health between outgoing  Dr. Phouthone Muongpak and the new deputy minister, Dr. Sanong Thongsana.

The Ministry of Health, like many ministries, has seen a change in department heads in recent months as some of those in top positions move into retirement, giving younger civil servants a chance to move up in the ranks.

Dr. Phayvanh Keopaseuth, Director of Setthathirath Hospital has been appointed the new head of the Department of Inspection, under the Ministry of Health, while Dr. Aphone Visathep, former Deputy Director of Mahosot Hospital has been made Head of the Health Insurance Office.

Dr. Chanthanom Manythip, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Health Sciences, is the new acting head of the Office of the Ministry of Health, while Dr. Bounsou Keohavong has been promoted from deputy director-general to director-general of the Food and Drug Administration.

Similarly, Dr. Khamprasong Theppanya has been promoted to Director-General of the Department of Personnel Organization, while Dr. Sonexay Latsavong has been promoted to Director of the “Mittaphab” 150 Beds Friendship Hospital.