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Going Beyond Borders to Connect and Engage Entrepreneurs Globally through eBizstart 2021

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 8 June 2021eBizstart 2021 co-organised by E3Hubs and Anbiz together with the support from Penang State Government is set to take place from 15th of June 2021 to the 28th of June 2021. The event aims to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs around the world to showcase their business opportunities beyond borders through one single platform. The platform was developed in-house and powered by Boom.my.

This first-of-its-kind global 14 days business virtual event will be running 24/7 for two weeks and aim to bring together 20,000 participants consisting of entrepreneurs, startups, business owners, SMEs, government agencies and academicians. Seamlessly crossing borders across 12 nations, with 500 distinguished exhibitors displaying; 3 major conferences/workshops including a Women Summit producing 150 speakers, 100 trainers; 2 major business pitching sessions putting together 150 entrepreneurs across the region; university technology matching sessions and 5000 business matching sessions, this is the event that will elevate and provide business opportunities to every entrepreneur.

During the two week-long event, eBizStart 2021 will focus on five channels that include Conferences, Workshops, WoBiz, Business Pitching and Activities of which will all be available to participants on one platform. They are extended events on eBizstart, bringing the concept of creating events within an event. Participants will be able to engage, network and even showcase their business to the whole stream. From Conferences to Masterclass Workshops and Business Clinics; interested participants can even take part in a pitching competition. eBizChallenge 2021, jointly organized by E3Hubs and Rescale Lab with the support from Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Centre (MaGIC) and Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd.

“With eBizStart 2021, we want to help and support all startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and business owners in the world to rebuild and grow together as an entrepreneur community during this thriving time. This is the main reason behind the creation of eBizstart 2021 as we ourselves as entrepreneurs see the endless potential of connecting worldwide entrepreneurs digitally”, said E3Hubs Co-Founder and eBizstart organiser, Andrew Wong.

“We intend to innovate and transform the usual traditional business events through digitisation and it starts with eBizstart 2021. We currently have 400 exhibitors confirmed across 12 nations from Africa to East Asia and Australia and over 20 sharing sessions by esteemed speakers across various industries. eBizStart’s e-Exhibition booths are FREE to entrepreneurs and participation as delegates and visitors are also FREE. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage more entrepreneurs to join us in this exciting event as it would benefit their businesses during this pandemic” added Andrew.

With one more week remaining, interested entrepreneurs can register themselves for FREE at https://bizstart.com.my/ and claim your entrepreneurial passport to the world now.

About E3Hubs

E3Hubs is an entrepreneur development company, specializing in business incubation and support for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create 1,000,000 successful entrepreneurs by the year 2030 and to create more than 1000 E3 Entrepreneurs Hubs around the world. We want to bring entrepreneurship to the mainstream, and we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs to succeed in their businesses through our successfully proven business methodology.

For more information about E3Hubs, please go to www.e3hubs.com.


About eBizstart

The first BizStart was started in 2011 as DARE BizStart and has galvanized more than 20,000 entrepreneurs over the last decade. In 2021, BizStart becomes eBizStart 2021. 10 years later, we are ready to take on the world. eBizStart aims to bring entrepreneurs together and give them the platform to showcase their businesses and expertise, create business opportunities together, build business networks and learn and acquire knowledge from our expert business trainers. It is a platform where entrepreneurs can empower entrepreneurs; and together, grow our businesses together as entrepreneurs. eBizStart 2021 is the first time BizStart has gone international and after a decade of being a platform for entrepreneurs to excel and build relationships, the dream of creating 1,000,000 successful entrepreneurs by the year 2030 is no longer an impossible dream. eBizStart wants to show the way that “nothing is impossible” if one puts their hearts and souls into what they set out to do.

Together, we can take on the world!

For more information about eBizStart, go to www.bizstart.com.my.


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