APOL Singapore Provides high-quality Ergonomically Designed Chairs in Singapore


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 17 June 2021 – APOL introduced their signature series named Sphinx, Kraken and Behemoth. APOL’s strong desire to stay in sync with the latest trends has led them to produce not only top-quality materials for the chair but also all the key features that an ergonomic chair should have. This would include the 4D adjustable armrest, full length backrest recline, multi-functional tilt mechanism, class 4 hydraulics, aluminum wheelbase and caster wheels. The addition of the head pillow and lumbar pillow to the chair is to provide users with the best sitting ultimate experience.

Even with the unforeseen pandemic, APOL Singapore is set on reaching new heights with their products as many needed to purchase a good ergonomically designed chair as a result of the work from home situation.

As said by founder of APOL Singapore, Jason Lin, “APOL was created to actually improve everybody’s lifestyle. We have different chairs catered to the needs of different people, because everyone has a different sitting posture.” Moreover, the chairs of different sizes are all priced at the same rate to avoid differentiating between people of different sizes.

The company continuously makes improvements on their products with the aim of being able to cater to every individual’s needs. Meticulously designed for superior sitting, APOL is topping the game of ergonomic chairs. From chairs meant for petites to king sized chairs, APOL’s products take sitting innovation to the next level as they are designed and engineered by in-house experts.

APOL Singapore has also collaborated with 2 of the biggest consumer electronics exhibitions in Singapore, IT Show and Comex. APOL continues to enhance its brand image through such collaborations.

To learn more about APOL Singapore, visit https://apol.sg.

About APOL Singapore

APOL Singapore was founded back in 2018 with the intention of providing ergonomic chairs built with the finest craftsmanship while being cost-effective. Engineered for performance, aligned with comfort is our motto to ensure highest of standards and durability matched with unequalled comfort.

All of which are priced equally while built with different specifications to cater to everyone with various builds. APOL Singapore strongly believes that one should not pay extra just because they have different needs, after all comfort is subjective. Today, APOL Singapore is evolving to become one of the favourite local brands while constantly trying to refine and better every aspect of the chair to provide the best to our customers.