Champsack to Use Traditional Herbal Medicines for Treatment of Covid Patients

Traditional Lao herbal medicine used to treat Covid-19
Traditional Lao herbal medicine used to treat Covid-19

Authorities in Champasack Province are considering including traditional Lao herbal medications among treatments provided to Covid-19 patients in the province.

According to a report by KPL, health officials in Champasack Province are discussing the benefits of trying alternative treatments as the country faces a shortage of medication for the treatment of those infected by the Coronavirus.

Medical workers hope to trial the alternative medicine on Covid patients and gauge how effective Lao herbal treatments are when combined with the existing treatments.

Champasack Provincial Governor, Dr. Vilayvong Bouddakham, says authorities should move quickly to implement a plan to treat Covid patients with Lao herbal remedies.

Extracts of Kaempferia, a genus of plants in the ginger family, will be among the ingredients used as part of herbal treatment.

“After the trial of herbal remedies commences, medical personnel should collect data and analyze the effectiveness of herbal medications produced in Laos in order to develop this in the future,” said Dr. Vilayvong Bouddakham.

The number of Covid patients in Champasack is now increased due to an influx of returning migrant workers from Thailand, with some 845 cases are being treated in hospitals, and one death has been reported in the province.