Authorities to Clear Wastewater Drainage Issues in Vientiane Capital

Blocked wastewater drains a chronic problem in Vientiane Capital
Blocked wastewater drains a chronic problem in Vientiane Capital (Photo: VCOMS)

Authorities in Vientiane Capital have begun discussions on how to resolve blockages along the city’s wastewater drains across the capital.

According to a report by Pasaxon Newspaper, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and related sectors organized a meeting to discuss ways to resolve the long-standing problem of blocked wastewater drainage systems around the city.

Foul-smelling standing water and overflowing drains has been a chronic problem for the capital for many years.

Areas of Vientiane experiencing wastewater drainage problems include Xiengyeun Village, Oup Mong, Nong Douang, Nongbouathong, Phonkham, Hong Kaikeo, Phonphanao, Viengchalern, Thong in Anou Village, Khouakhao in BeungKhayong Village, Dongpalan-Hong Kae, and Phonthan.

Some 75 to 80 percent of residential water wastewater in the capital is discharged directly into drainage channels, which have not gone through the proper treatment procedures, causing the water to turn dark in color and emit a foul odor.

Similarly, businesses and industrial plants in the capital have failed to comply with water treatment requirements, with many lacking a wastewater treatment system altogether.

Authorities are now drafting a five-year water quality protection plan, as well as undertaking quarterly inspections, while they plan to implement wastewater management regulations for factories, restaurants, and residential areas.