Why Being A Paperless Company Is Important In Today’s Age


For most companies and organizations, attaining a paperless work environment is a desirable thing to do and it means that a company is willing to reduce paper consumption and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint. Even clients and customers are now demanding companies to go paperless. If going 100% paperless is not possible then companies can try to make huge impacts by at least initiating this movement. Here are some reasons why being a paperless company is important in today’s age:

You Can Save Your Time

Time is money in today’s age and there are advantages to going paperless, especially that you can save your time and also your employees’ time. By going paperless, filing documents no longer means printing out documents and filling them out, only to search them manually later. While, by going paperless and using digital documents, all of this can be done in just a few moments, especially finding a document. Finding a document is as easy as it gets and you just need to perform a computer search. 

Even if you need to find a specific line from very long and lengthy documents, you can find everything with just a quick search. Now, make a rough estimate of how much easier it would be for you and your colleagues to find documents and how much work hours would be saved by this.

You Can Also Save Space And Money

Now that it is mentioned that you can save time by going paperless, let’s talk about space that you can save by going paperless. Boxes full of papers and files that have accumulated over time demand special rooms and cabinets and for this, you need a separate room where you can store all those files and boxes.

With digital documents, that is not the case. You can store a couple of thousands of documents on your computers and it won’t take much storage space. With document formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc, it is much easier to save a lot of files without consuming much storage space. 

Plus, the best thing about digital documents is that you can easily convert one format into another and send or store the files that you feel is the best for your company. Converting PDF to Word or PDF to JPG is very simple & easy and also is the conversion back into PDF, i.e JPG to PDF or Word to PDF. This flexibility that you get with digital documents is not available with pieces of paper.

No Digital Borders

Another advantage of going paperless is that there are no digital borders involved. You can store tons of documents in the cloud and these documents can be accessed instantly without any border restrictions or geographical restrictions. For multinational companies, this is very helpful as documents of one branch can be accessed easily from another branch, located in another country. 

For instance, if an employee created a document in Laos and a co-worker from the US wanted to access it then it can be possible in just a few moments, unlike paper documents. 

Security Of Documents

Some might argue that digital documents are less secure as compared to physical, paper documents but that may be actually more secure if you take precautionary measures. Companies have to make sure that the cloud where they are storing their data is encrypted and private where it is not possible for anyone other than the company’s employee to access documents. 

Another plus point for digital documents is that they are not vulnerable or at the risk of being destroyed in a fire or natural calamity or stolen in a burglary. Security is a complex subject and there are arguments on both sides, whether digital documents are safe or not but at last, it all comes down to personal preferences. 

Environmental Benefits

There are also environmental benefits involved too. An average company handles and processes more than 10,000 pieces of paper every year and this can add up to a lot of carbon footprint. There are some companies available that have strict recycling policies but still, going paperless and eliminating papers from offices can help reduce carbon emission and ultimately, put less strain on the environment. 

These are some of the reasons why being a paperless company is important in today’s age. Of course, there are many other advantages and benefits of going paperless. In a nutshell, going paperless in today’s age is beneficial for both business and environment and any business who want to succeed should consider going paperless.