The Image of Anhai Ancient Town Selected into the Commemorative Stamps that Feature “China Ancient Towns”


Jinjiang Element Becoming the “Name Card of China” for the First Time

QUANZHOU, CHINA – Media OutReach – 8 March 2022 – Jinjiang element has become the “name card of China” for the first time. — The Anhai-themed Stamp, as one of the commemorative stamps in the set of “China Ancient Towns (IV)”, will be officially released on May 19th this year.

It is understood that “China Ancient Towns (IV)” have been officially taken in the “Issuance Plan of 2022 for Commemorative Stamps”, as approved by State Post Bureau and China Post. In the set of 4 commemorative stamps, one is none other than the image of Anhai Ancient Town, Jinjiang, which is also the first time that Jinjiang element has appeared in stamps as part of the national themes.

“Anhai Ancient Town of Jinjiang to be on the ‘name card of China’ could never be something that happens every day. This is just the 5th set of commemorative stamps themed with Quanzhou and the first commemorative stamp themed with Jinjiang since the founding of New China in 1949.” Liu Yarong, head of Philately and Culture Media Department of China Post, Jinjiang Branch, said that the selection of Anhai Ancient Town as the theme into the commemorative stamp has important and far-reaching significance for displaying and promoting Jinjiang’s, especially Anhai’s cultural and historical features, enhancing Jinjiang’s popularity, and boosting Jinjiang’s cultural tourism.

Stamps, as the name card of a nation, are released every year in limited numbers of sets and pieces. Besides, the theme and content of the released stamps are strictly controlled with high requirements in approval procedures, making it even more difficult for the local theme to be on the national stamps. Therefore, there is no surprise when the application of Anhai ancient town on the theme of the national stamp has taken Jinjiang 5 years.

In recent years, by taking the initiative to be consciously integrated into the overall development of Jinjiang, Anhai has tried to put to advantage the unique and profound humanities and historical heritage. United through the unique culture and activated through the united force, Anhai government will earnestly promote the protection of the ancient town, the inheritance of culture, the revitalization of the famous town, so that greater achievement could be gained in this new era.

A leader of Anhai Town says that Anhai ancient town being on the “name card of China”, is a recognition of Anhai’s achievements, inspiring their cultural confidence of “Anping Ancient Town with great reputation on the Maritime Silk Road” and eagerness to win the honor of the town. Anhai government will make in-depth study to use the name card of China well, so that Anhai’s fame could be actively promoted, its attraction in cultural tourism increased and greater development benefits gained.