Sengdara Offers Fitness, Variety, and Value

Sengdara Fitness Center at Nongniew Village.
Sengdara Fitness Center at Nongniew Village (KM 6).

Sengdara Fitness’ two locations stand out as the premier fitness destinations in Vientiane.

Why? Because while Vientiane has many gym facilities available for those looking to enhance their health, physical fitness, and appearance, only Sengdara fitness offers state-of-the-art Precor fitness equipment alongside a number of amenities.

These amenities include swimming pools complete with lifeguards, saunas for relaxing after tough workouts, and kids’ rooms that make trips to the gym fun for the whole family.

Together, these amenities make the cost of membership at Sengdara an excellent deal, well worth the price of investing in your health. Compared to other clubs which offer only weights or machines, Sengdara is an incredible deal, especially right now with their current promotion: access to both clubs is only LAK 3.5 million for an entire year, which is less than LAK 300,000 a month. 

Motivation and inspiration are arguably the hardest part of consistently exercising in order to meet fitness goals, and it’s tough to stay motivated at gyms that offer only equipment. This is why a Sengdara membership includes access to fitness classes like Zumba dance courses and Pump It Up weight training courses, spinning classes, and yoga in spacious aerobics rooms.

At Sengdara, exercisers can become part of fun, supportive communities cheered on by skilled and motivating instructors.

For individuals who want to meet their health or aesthetic goals even faster, Sengdara makes certified personal trainers available to help you push yourself further in your fitness journey.

Although I have exercised several times a week for years, when I worked with a personal trainer at Sengdara I was amazed at his ability to pinpoint the holes in my own physical fitness routine, and was impressed by his dedication to providing a holistic training experience which included heart-healthy cardio, body-building strength work, and even stretching to prevent injury and soreness.

With Sengdara’s personal trainers, even the most dedicated of athletes can beat their plateaus and level up their bodies.

Fitness activities at Sengdara Fitness.
Fitness activities at Sengdara Fitness.

Perhaps most surprising is the fact that Sengdara’s fitness centers also house a number of other wellness facilities like massage parlors, nail and hair salons, juice bars, and poolside restaurants with healthy and affordable food.

Looking to relax, de-stress, and nourish your body? These services make Sengdara the ideal place for your rejuvenation and self-care days without the hassle of driving around the city. 

Convenience is another key to sticking to a fitness routine. No one wants to spend time and gas money on traveling for an hour every time they go to the gym. With two centrally-located facilities throughout the city of Vientiane, there’s always a Sengdara nearby, 

Cleanliness and comfort are necessities for a pleasant exercise and self-care routine. This is why Sengdara ensures that its air conditioners are cool and refreshing, even on the hottest of Lao days, so that you’ll break a sweat from working hard, not from an uncomfortable sticky atmosphere.

Make a splash at the Sengdara swimming pool
Sengdara’s cool, clean, and refreshing swimming pool.

Plus, Sengdara’s pools are spacious enough to accommodate both athletic lap swimmers and those looking to simply beat the heat with a pleasant dip in the shallow end. Don’t know how to swim? Sengdara has you covered with safe, informative classes to get you into the water in no time.

Especially now, health and cleanliness should be a priority for us all. At Sengdara, you’ll feel safe thanks to well-enforced masking policies, touchless entry, temperature checks, an abundance of sanitizing stations, and pleasant showering facilities, so that you can feel safe and confident in your decision to take your exercise out of the home and back into the world.

So whether you’re a gym junkie, a first-time exerciser, or a parent looking for somewhere to have fun with your kids, consider becoming a Sengdara member. Exercise has proven benefits for both mental and physical health. Do your body and your brain a favor and join the community of Vientiane’s most inclusive health club.

By Chinda Boutdavong