MediaOne Accredited as a Pre-approved Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Vendor for Digital Marketing Solutions


Kick-start digital marketing with pre-approved PSG vendor, MediaOne

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 25 March 2022 – MediaOne is one of Singapore’s award-winning and leading digital marketing agencies that has been recently accredited to be one of the pre-approved digital marketing vendors under the Productivity Solution Grants (PSG). The grant gives support to local businesses to engage digital marketing solutions with industry professionals such as MediaOne as well.

The PSG grant is part of the Budget 2021 to help kick start Singapore’s businesses with digital marketing solutions or technological advancements. Receiving up to 70% funding support, this SME grant allows local businesses to start expanding digitally and tap into international marketplaces.

Criteria that SMEs must meet to qualify:

● The business must operate and be registered in Singapore.
● Local ownership of at least 30%.
● Annual turnover of less than S$100 million (inclusive of GST), with less than 200 employees.
● Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident, or Singapore employment/work permit holder.
● All equipment, subscriptions, leases, or purchases must be used in Singapore.

Gain Access to Digital Marketing Solutions with a PSG grant

Serving over 2000 SME and MNC clients and 10 years of experience in the field, MediaOne is known for developing cutting edge machine learning-based solutions that deliver exceptional results for clients. MediaOne’s mission is to be a leading regional digital marketing consultant and business partner to their clients by helping them succeed in the digital world.

MediaOne has the knowledge, vast experience, and proprietary technology to analyse and predict upcoming trends, allowing the team to strategise effectively. With MediaOne as a pre-approved vendor, budget will no longer be a constraint for many local businesses to gain access to premium digital marketing services and better, tailored solutions.

Providing a comprehensive range of services, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media, as well as website design and development, MediaOne is working towards being a one-stop solution for digital marketing by 2023. By receiving the PSG grant, more entrepreneurs and businesses in Singapore can benefit from their digital marketing services and accomplish more business objectives.

Aside from MediaOne’s effective strategies for digital marketing, they employ a global team of professionals with a wealth of experience. Companies can expect to receive a variety of multi-point views and secure digital marketing techniques that will surely result in a significant improvement for your business.

With MediaOne as a pre-approved PSG vendor, the agency is able to help more local businesses expand their online presence by improving their digital marketing strategies. For those starting out, MediaOne has designed go-to-market packages that accelerate SMEs, regardless of their digital capabilities, to quickly seize market share with affordable pricing.

How MediaOne Supports Businesses’ Digital Marketing Objectives

Guaranteed expert agency with quality services

MediaOne has been screened through a rigorous review process to ensure assurance to provide high quality and exceptional service. By engaging MediaOne as a pre-approved vendor, this SME grant allows businesses to benefit from a range of quality services, knowledge, and expertise.

Up to 70% financial support

Working with a pre-approved vendor can save up to 70% of their project’s cost. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can now explore more opportunities for growth online. Together with the PSG grant, MediaOne can now provide a pre-planned digital strategy that suits a wide spectrum of SME business needs.

Build brand loyalty

Establishing loyalty for a brand is paramount for the success of the business. In conjunction with the grant, SMEs can now gain access to tried-and-tested campaign formulas, previously only accessible to large enterprises with sizable budgets. The same level of quality campaign strategy, distilled and packaged for SMEs albeit at a more affordable pricing. Businesses can continue to stay relevant in this digital age by connecting with audiences online as well.

Helps convert traffic into sales

Companies can now have the flexibility to explore and utilise productive, cost-efficient, and strategic plans to continually improve conversions by taking advantage of MediaOne’s expertise, experience, and now supported by the PSG grant.

The following is the process to apply for the grant for businesses considering digital transformation:

  1. Find out about available solutions at GoGoBusiness Gov Assist.
  2. Choose the solutions your company needs.
  3. Request a quotation from an approved PSG vendor (unsigned).
  4. Contracts or payments should not be made before submitting a PSG application.
  5. Submit your application on the Business Grants Portal (BGP).

For a complete step-to-step guide, click here.

About MediaOne

MediaOne is a top digital marketing agency, known for its award-winning digital marketing strategies in Singapore. The agency has one of the highest success rates in the industry, well-equipped with professionals and proprietary technology that has resulted in many success stories for established global brands. Services include professional consulting, digital marketing suites like , SEM, programmatic, social media, content marketing, email marketing, websites and apps. MediaOne is also one of the first ISO-certified digital agencies in Singapore.

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