Savannakhet Authorities Destroy Smuggled Pork

Massive amounts of pork meat have been dumped.

Authorities and in Savannakhet Province have destroyed some 9,000 kilograms of smuggled pork that originated in Vietnam.

The pork was smuggled into Laos hidden inside a truck transporting gypsum, with authorities uncovering 422 boxes containing meat weighing 9,724 kilograms.

Authorities found the pork being unloaded at Kaysone Market in Savannakhet.

After confiscation, the illegally imported meat was buried at a depth of two meters and covered with quicklime.

Authorities said that a large volume of the meat had already been contaminated and was deemed unsafe for consumption.

Authorities in Savannakhet disinfect the area after burying the meat.

The price of commodities in Laos has been steadily rising, including meat, leading to continued smuggling of meat from neighboring countries where prices are lower.

In January, Head of the Vientiane Capital Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Lasai Nuanthasing, told the media that higher pork prices were caused by the rising cost of animal feed, inflation, and economic effects in the wake of the pandemic.

The War in Ukraine has exacerbated the situation, causing rampant inflation and an even higher cost of living.

Many Vientiane farms have stopped raising pigs or relocated to other provinces, resulting in a drop in production capacity in the capital.