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Big news for the crypto trading space: CoinW announces all spot trading – free of charge

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 27 July 2022 – On July 13, 2022, CoinW made another major upgrade, announcing that all users of CoinW will not be charged transaction fees when trading in all spot currencies. Zero fees! This is another major breakthrough, after the official announcement on July 5, by leading Crypto Exchange, that all BTC transactions, will be free of charge. This is not only the first platform in the network to adopt 0 transaction fee for spot trading, but also a long-awaited benefit for platform users.

As we all know, exchanges can provide investors with cryptocurrency trading, but no matter which trading method, the exchange will charge some fees as the cost of maintaining the normal operation of the exchange. According to statistics, CoinW spot trading has a total of 342 coins and 366 trading pairs, with rich trading categories. It is easy to see from the BTC transaction free of charge campaign that CoinW actually puts the interests of users in the first place and always aims to improve the user experience.

CoinW’s CEO said, “This whole site spot trading free of charge event is the first innovation and major creation in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. 0 transaction fee allows CoinW users to be one step ahead at the beginning of the race, and only need to devote themselves to trading without worrying about the cost. This can significantly increase user interaction, while bringing competition and challenges to the industry.”

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