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Casa Mia Coliving implements analytics tool based on housemate traits to improve its screening and matching process


Pre-selection questionnaire helps enhance the coliving experience for its dynamic, tight-knit community

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 31 August 2022 – Prospective lessors, also known as members of Casa Mia Coliving, will now be required to complete a pre-selection questionnaire that will enable the company to recommend suitable homes based on their profiles.

Designed especially for Casa Mia Coliving by a psychology intern from the National University of Singapore with guidance provided by a faculty member, the questionnaire analyses various characteristics, such as relationship values, openness to experiences, and potentially negative characteristics that may impact a coliving experience. The resultant score helps the company determine potential housemate environments that suit a prospect’s personality and how well they would fit into the existing member community.

Existing members have also been invited to take the questionnaire. The robust data gathered from their responses give Casa Mia Coliving a deeper insight into its member community’s social and interpersonal dynamics.

“A key challenge of coliving is the perceived lack of control over the housemate selection process. It can be frustrating to live with individuals with opposing or undesirable personalities. Our analytics tool allows us to recommend households that individuals may be best suited for so they can enjoy the best possible coliving experience,” said Casa Mia Coliving CEO and co-founder Eugenio Ferrante.

Most Casa Mia Coliving members are working expat professionals in their twenties who have embraced coliving because it is flexible, cost-effective, and allows them to build a strong support network. They value social interactions and have actively participated in Casa Mia Coliving social “rituals” and various activities to deepen relationships with each other.

Results of the analytics tool showed that members share many common characteristics. They demonstrate positive communal behaviours and are tolerant of differences. They are also willing to collaborate on solutions to address issues, contributing to a high housemate satisfaction score.

Added Ferrante: “The Casa Mia Coliving community is central to our members’ rich experience and allows them to establish their home away from home with a network of like-minded individuals who are curious about the world and eager to learn new things. This positive membership environment is the foundation of our growth and differentiates us as a renter of choice.”

The positive membership environment is reflected in the company’s customer satisfaction scores, which show Casa Mia Coliving achieving a high NetPromoter Score among its members, with a current score of 38. The full survey can be found here.
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About Casa Mia Coliving

Casa Mia Coliving is a sustainable, forward-looking coliving and property management company offering affordable, modern, ready accommodation. Bringing together insights into the sharing economy, technology and a robust tenant community, the company enables young professionals to enjoy easy living in sought-after urban locations and hassle-free property management that delivers higher returns to landlords.