Two Bank Robbers Wanted by Police in Savannakhet


Police in Savannakhet Province are looking for two suspects who robbed Nayoby Bank in Nong District, stealing more than LAK 500 million (around USD 30,000) in cash.

A report from the Police Headquarters in Nong district states that the two men robbed the bank at 10:00 am on Thursday.

A 28-year-old bank employee informed the police that the bank’s other employees had left earlier that morning to work in different districts, leaving her in charge at the time.

Two men wearing masks rode a motorcycle to the bank and one of them entered the premises. He threatened the teller with a knife and forced her to open the safe.

He stole all the money in the safe and quickly joined his companion on the motorbike, and fled to a nearby fresh market.

The police arrived at the bank after the robbery to investigate the incident and maintain order.

No injuries or deaths have been reported.