Laos-Thailand Trade Crosses USD 5 Billion for First Eight Months of 2022


Until August 2022, bilateral trade between Laos and Thailand generated more than USD 5.3 billion.

In comparison to the same period in 2021, bilateral trade between Laos and Thailand has increased by 10.3 percent. Exports from Laos to Thailand saw an increase of 8.5 percent at over USD 2.3 billion, and Laos imported goods worth USD 3 billion from Thailand, which was an increase of 11.8 percent when compared to the figures until August 2021.

Laos exported electricity, copper, cement, curry salt, video camera frames and parts, electrical appliances, processed wood, shoes, and mechanical equipment.

Agricultural exports included sugar, raw coffee, peanuts, soy, cabbage, potatoes, and vegetables, including edible tubers and roots.

On the other hand, Laos imported fuel, land vehicles, iron, steel, mechanical equipment, electrical appliances, wires and cables, vehicle parts, spare parts for vehicles, plastic, chemicals, cement, sugar, beverages, and fruits from Thailand.

The discussion between Lao Minister of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Malaythong Khommasith, and the Thai Chairperson of the Committee on Finance, Banking and Financial Institutions, Mr. Chaiya Promma in Vientiane Capital revealed the bilateral trade figures for the first eight months of the year between Laos and Thailand in October.

The two exchanged views on the creation and monitoring of budget administration in the field of industry and trade, as well as on the trade policies of the two nations, particularly with regard to the Laos-Thai border trade.