Laos, Thailand and Myanmar Join Hands to Combat Drug Trade in Golden Triangle

Government officials from Laos, Thailand and Myanmar at 2nd meeting of Golden Triangle Prosecutor Network.

Officials from the three governments participated in the 2nd meeting of the Golden Triangle Prosecutor Network between 16-18 November in Luang Prabang to devise cooperation methods and curb drug trafficking in the region.

Mr. Khamphet Somvolachit, Lao Office of Supreme People’s Prosecutor, Mr. Jumpon Phansumrit, Thai Director General of the International Affairs Department, Office of the Attorney General, and Ms. Swe Swe Aung, Director General of Union Attorney General Office At Naypyidaw attended the meeting.

They also examined the implementation of the outcomes of the Laos-Thai-Myanmar Golden Triangle Prosecutor’s Cooperation Meeting, which was held in Chiang Rai province, Thailand in 2018.

The three government officials decided to improve coordination, information exchange, and training of law enforcement authorities so that they can curb such a transnational crime that threatens the security of their countries. Moreover, drug-related crimes also adversely affect a nation’s economic and social growth and the life of its citizens.

Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar want to implement regional legislation like the ASEAN Declaration on the Prevention and Control of Transnational Crime, the Convention on Combatting Terrorism, the ASEAN Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, and the Master Plan for the Pillars of the ASEAN Political-Security Community to tackle the rampant crime.

This year, police in Laos have recorded over 1,200 drug-related cases, with minors and pregnant women being used to transport the drugs.