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Football Fans Disappointed as FIFA Cuts Laosat World Cup Broadcasts

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The satellite company issued a statement on Tuesday canceling broadcasts of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and apologizing to Lao football fans for screening the football matches earlier without authorization.

Lao Asia Pacific Satellite Company (Laosat) statement said that it does not have the official license from the International Football Federation (FIFA) to broadcast the 2022 World Cup that is being held in Qatar.

The company added that it would continue to broadcast football programs that are popular at the regional and international levels in the future. However, Lao football fans who registered and purchased a TV receiver system to watch the World Cup are upset that the company had not disclosed this information previously. Some have also commented on the announcement on social media wondering if FIFA is going to sue Laosat for the violation.

Last week, FIFA warned Thailand that its transmission access was being used in other nations and that its failure to meet standard encryption of broadcasting signals could jeopardize its broadcasting rights.

Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Timor-Leste have the media rights licenses for licensors to broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2022 on television, radio, and mobile devices while the Philippines may only broadcast on television and mobile devices.

FIFA had earlier announced on social media that Lao football fans could watch the matches for free on their app FIFA+.

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