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Hong Kong’s First Resin Art Exhibition by 90s Artist Rolland Cheung

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Features Three Exhibition Areas Combining Multimedia Installations, Large Resin Artworks, and Earliest Works.

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 27 April 2023 – The first resin art exhibition in Hong Kong “time” has opened in Sham Shui Po. — Presented by Agape Design Limited (Hong Kong’s first resin art brand) ,the first solo exhibition of Rolland Cheung in Hong Kong. Rolland Cheung’s first resin art solo exhibition will be on display for a limited three-week period in May. The theme of the exhibition is about time, showcasing Rolland’s three latest large-scale resin art pieces and twenty pieces mixed media resin works. Also, He special present a “new media” digital art installation and combined with unique interior setup experiences. Rolland first times showcase his earliest work from 2016 – “flourish”, which is the only piece has been preserved. Recently, he created large-scale paintings and restaurant art concept for some of the Mirror’s members, making Rolland widely known by the public.

The 90s Young Artist Rolland Cheung First Solo Exhibition —— 《Settle : wind, tender and speed》, explores the theme of time as a human construct. It combines unique spatial design and music to achieve an ethereal state that to “sattle” and into the paintings. The exhibition hall is divided into three areas: “Wind,” “Tender,” and “Speed,” representing the essence and stages of three types of time. It combines Western philosophy, Japanese aesthetics幽玄, and Chinese aesthetics留白, with resin art as the main medium. The exhibition aims to inspire visitors to reflect on and explore the authenticity of time.。The exhibition features three exhibition areas, for which contemporary Japanese calligrapher Youna Matsushita has created calligraphy titles.

The exhibition will be held from May 5th to May 21st at the Parallel Space Gallery, located at 202 Dai Tai Street in Sham Shui Po, and will be open to the public free of charge from noon to 7 p.m. The calligraphy on the “Entrance to the Painting” leaflet was personally created by Rolland. During the exhibition period, a limited edition of 100 copies of the poetry collection “Imaginings” published in 2021 will be available for purchase. In addition, there will be a “limited edition” of English poetry made with food printing technology, which will be available for sale in the form of keto chocolate or gummy candy.

Resin The Art “Time” Exhibition Introduction
《Settle : wind, tender and speed》
Rolland Cheung First Solo Exhibition
Time flies too fast? I wish there were 25 hours in a day? Hurry up…time is running short!
Albert Einstein said : “Time is not condition of existence, time is an illusion.”

Time and space is a model for thinking, but humans are always struggling against time.
“Settle” yourself and into the paintings to experience your own time zone, a time of forgetting time. Using the wind, tender and speed to paint the time of memories.

Three large resin artworks, earliest work, and more than 20 medium-sized resin artworks

The three large pieces use the latest painting techniques and have no obvious color contrast or strong directional texture composition. The purpose is to reduce all strong languages and allow viewers to ” Settle ” in the warmest way possible using monochromatic tones and low contrast. The entire ” Tender ” area is made up of newly created works from 2023 and is painted in a monochromatic blue tone.

Among the medium-sized works is ” Flourish ” (300mm dia., resin on wood), which is Rolland’s earliest batch of works from 2016. At that time, there were only eight pieces, and this is the only one remaining. It is very precious, as it has recorded the earliest creative techniques and mindset that cannot be replicated today. Its value is $400,000 HKD, and it is the first time it has been publicly exhibited. The other piece (250mm x 330mm, oval shape) is a three-dimensional work created with fabric and resin, and is presented in a contrast between softness and hardness with a specially made stainless steel oval frame.

The exhibition combines multimedia installation art

The exhibition will feature a circular work of 800mm dia. The content is a pattern that generates randomly and endlessly without repetition. The cost of creating this multimedia art installation alone exceeds $200,000 HKD, which is truly precious. The work aims to show the state of the world at the beginning of the universe, when there was no time, only light, water and oxygen. From a distance, it looks like a rotating sun, and up close it looks like a mass of gas or water flowing endlessly. It will expand and contract with time, change color with dawn, noon and night, and imitate the existence of the sun and moon. All changes will not be repeated, just as time flows, it will only go forward. The scene in front of you is unique every time, which is a life time programme digital artwork.

The exhibition process is recommended to begin at the entrance

Viewers should prepare themselves to ” Settle.” They should then proceed to the ” tender” area on the ground floor, where they can step on soft ground. Walking forward through a narrow entrance, they will enter the semi-dark “wind” area, where they can view up close three large circular paintings that Rolland frequently uses. Going up the stairs to the first floor, they will enter the all-black “Speed” area, where the floor is covered with semi-reflective black cloth, reflecting the multimedia installation art in the farthest corner. It looks like a rotating sun, symbolizing something that will not stop or reverse. Along the sides of the space are works resembling picture frames that symbolize memories.


Symbolism: Transcending Time – Settle

Wrapping all visible objects with cloth, sealing all items with “time elements,” and covering time traces to influence the immersion in the painting. Stepping into a soft space, the focus is on tactile and visual senses, accompanied by ethereal music to enter the painting. Breaking the inherent inertia of space and creating a viewing experience from different angles to facilitate immersion into the painting. Each work in the ” tender “area is accompanied by a short poem to present the artistic conception of the painting.


Symbolism: Time that Never Ceases

Time is affected by “entropy” and can only increase, not decrease, irreversible. Through the response of flowing tangible objects and space, the structure of time is experienced.


Symbolism: Time of Memories

The speed of time is affected by memories, mood, and feelings. Time can be fast or slow depending on personal preferences (happy is fast, sad is slow). Matter comes before time; time is only a mental concept. The reflection of time appears in memories, which are irreversible.。

The “Speed” area features a series of framed works (250mm x 330mm, 5pcs, oval) combining elements such as cloth and metallic paint, as well as the “Flower Core” work (300mm dia., 2016) with flowers as the theme. These works focus on tangible objects because objects are prior to time; only with tangible objects can time be revealed. Objects are closely related to memories. Memories are the expression and synthesis of time (past, present, and future). Additionally, 250mm x 330mm, 3pcs showcases three works drawn in “the fastest time possible” to explore how to draw a painting in the shortest time and counter the claim that making time-consuming artwork is valuable.

The 90s Young Artist Rolland Cheung previously collaborated with Mirror member Jer to design a restaurant featuring a massive 2.5-meter resin art piece

Finally, the large resin painting “風華風景之一” by Jer, a member of the Mirror boy group, is currently on display at Root Cafe, standing at 2.5 meters tall. Its name was inspired by a calligraphy piece by Wucius Wong, and it is one of the scenery pieces, but the only one that represents the wind. The wind is visually present but invisible, and the white appears to be leaves but is not, leaving room for viewers to imagine. The inspiration comes from Japanese woodblock prints of slanted rain and a close-up style, highlighting the contrast between white and green, as well as the contrast between the primitive and the bright, leading viewers into the painting.

What is Resin Art?

Resin art is an art form that typically involves using resin and pigments on canvas or other flat media to create artwork. Resin is a high-transparency, high-viscosity material that can provide shine and depth to the artwork. The process of creating resin art involves mixing resin and pigments together, pouring them onto flat media, and using various tools and techniques to create interesting patterns and textures. The finished product of this art form typically has vibrant colors, rich textures, and depth, and has uniqueness and value.

About Rolland Cheung

Rolland Cheung founded Agape Design Ltd in 2017, which is Hong Kong’s first resin art brand with extensive media coverage. Agape is a Greek word that means divine love. He has collaborated with well-known brands such as the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Marriott, K11, Hong Kong Jockey Club, HK property developers…etc. Focus on large-scale resin art paintings and installations.

《Settle : wind, tender and speed》— Rolland Cheung First Solo Exhibition Introduction
Venue: Parallel Space Gallery
Address: 202 Tai Nan St, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Date: 5-21 May 2023
Time: 12:00 – 19:00
Entrance Fee: Free
Website: https://agape-resin.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/resin.agape
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/agape_design

Hashtag: #張滙希 #時間主題畫展 #樹脂畫藝術 #樹脂畫 #首個樹脂畫畫展 #樹脂畫藝術展 #90後藝術家 #個人展 #藝廊 #多媒體裝置藝術 #張滙希個人畫展 #樹脂藝術 #免費開放 #深水埗大南街 #大南街 #樹脂 #parallelspace藝廊 #parallelspace #resinart #agapedesignlimited #agapedesign #RollandCheung #Mirrorcafe #agapedesign #rootcafe #resinartexhibition #sattle #TaiNanStreet #hkresinart #soloexhibition #shamshuipo #resinartworks #multimediaart

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