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Lao Visitors Boost Sales and Tourism in Udon Thani, Thailand

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Udon Plaza Company Limited, along with the UD Town Shopping Center, Moko Hotel, and Monthathip International Convention Center, has reported a significant rise in sales as Lao visitors increasingly flock to shopping malls and popular hotels in Udon Thani.

Ms. Pornsom Nisaard, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of Udon Plaza Company Limited, said that over 10,000 people, comprising mostly Thai and Lao nationals, have been visiting the UD Town shopping center every day, contributing to increased sales and revenue. 

Despite the ongoing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, sales have rebounded to approximately 70-80% of pre-pandemic levels, but the situation has not fully returned to normal.

The shopping center is running a lot of promotions to attract more visitors, along with the addition of a new walking street market, which has been introduced to enhance the shopping experience.

According to Ms. Pornsom, daily sales performance varies, with Fridays and Saturdays seeing a notable surge in customers, particularly from Laos. These visitors travel across the border over the weekend for shopping, and recreational activities and contribute to 30% of the Moko Hotel’s occupancy.

To further boost tourism, Udon Plaza is collaborating with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to develop targeted promotions aimed at Vietnamese and Laotian markets. As part of the promotion, a special room rate of THB 2,556 per night, reduced from the usual 2,856 per night, will be offered to tourists from these countries, accompanied by a THB 100 food court voucher.

Regarding operational costs, Ms. Pornsom acknowledged the significant increase in electricity bills and wage costs in Thailand. However, the company currently has no plans to raise the price of its services. 

Ms. Pornsom also alluded to the upcoming wage increase of THB 450 per day that will most likely be implemented by the new government, saying that while reductions in electricity bills or taxes for businesses would be more manageable, an increase in wages alone is expected to have an impact.

However, the increase in Lao visitors and the subsequent boost in sales indicate a positive trend for the tourism and retail sectors in Udon Thani. 

Udon Plaza Company Limited said they remain committed to enhancing the visitor experience and maintaining a competitive business environment while closely monitoring market dynamics and responding accordingly.

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