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Monday, July 22, 2024

Largest Job Portal Site in Laos to Conduct Second Annual Salary Survey

This Week

Wise Research, a local research firm, commissioned by www.108.jobs, the largest job portal site in the country, will be conducting the second nationwide salary survey in Laos. The survey aims to provide detailed information on salary rates in various industries.

Interested parties, including representatives of companies/organizations, business owners, executives, HR managers, and representatives from business units of all sizes, are invited to participate in this research.

The main objective of Wise Research’s study is to assist businesses in gaining a better understanding of remuneration information, as well as employee welfare and benefits in each sector.

The survey will span two months and cover several industries, such as banking and finance, construction, hospitality, information technology, automobile, mining, and hydropower.

Last year, the report was developed based on information contributed by over 100 organizations of varying sizes, ranging from small to medium enterprises to international corporations.

The report highlighted that 68.5 percent of surveyed companies saw an increase in employment in 2022, indicating a positive trend as the Lao economy moves toward recovery.

Interested parties, whether businesses or individuals, can register for the survey free of charge. Once registered, further instructions will be provided on how they could contribute to the survey.

For additional information, interested parties can contact 108.jobs directly or reach out to  keo@108.jobs.

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