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2023 AI+Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Conference and Create@Alibaba Cloud “Intelligent Manufacturing Track” Global Finals successfully concluded

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NINGBO, CHINA – Media OutReach – 31 August 2023 – The AI+Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Conference & Create@Alibaba Cloud “Intelligent Manufacturing Track” Global Finals “was held successfully on August 24, 2023 in Haishu District, Ningbo. The conference was attended by leaders of relevant units in Ningbo and Haishu District, experts in the AI and intelligent manufacturing industries, investors, entrepreneurs, and many others, who discussed in depth the industrial transformation and innovative development trend of intelligent manufacturing under the AI wave.

2023 is the “outbreak year” of artificial intelligence, and the AI big model is becoming a key force to empower thousands of industries and lead industrial transformation. At the same time, vigorously developing the artificial intelligence industry and promoting the integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy have also become key measures for regional development, among which the combination of artificial intelligence and trillion-output manufacturing industry has attracted much attention.

According to reports, the Create@Alibaba Cloud “Intelligent Manufacturing Track” Global Finals Global Challenge began in 2015, and it is a global technology entrepreneurship competition brand initiated by Alibaba Cloud, covering nearly 100 cities in more than ten countries worldwide, and is referred to as the “Olympics” in scientific and technological circles. Global Finals of the 2023 Create @ Alibaba Cloud “Intelligent Manufacturing Track” Global Challenge are directed by Ningbo Economic and Information Bureau, hosted by Ningbo Haishu District People’s Government, Alibaba (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., and Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., and carried out by Alibaba Cloud Innovation Centre.

Cutting-edge technology plus intelligent manufacturing, 23 innovative enterprises and a number of expert judges gathered in Ningbo.

On the morning of August 24th, 2023 Create @ Alibaba Cloud “Intelligent Manufacturing Track” Global Finals successfully concluded. The competition lasted for 4 months, attracting more than 400 companies from China, the United States, Britain, Germany, India, South Korea and other countries to participate in the competition. After the five major competition areas of the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao, overseas and Maker in Beijing, 23 innovative companies finally entered the global finals, covering smart sensors, spectrum detection, chip design, intelligent gateways and other fields, including many frontiers such as industrial AI.

Liu Yuan, Partner of Zhen Fund, Zhu Bo, Partner/Deputy General Manager of Zhongyu Zhiyuan, Xu Shance, Founder of Zhuodai Capital, Sun Lili, Partner of Zhuodai Capital, Zhang Aiguo, Managing Director of Bronze Capital, Liang Xiangbing, Investment Director of Ningbo Chengtou Yongcheng, Zhong Xiaoling, Investment Director of Ningbo Yongshuiqiao, Kurnaedi, Senior Investment Manager of Ningbo Kaitou Yanrun Capital, Wang Zhiqin, Senior Investment Manager of Cailletet Capital, Yan Xiaoyong, Investment Manager of Ningbo Angel Guidance Fund, Wei Yiren, Director of Alibaba Cloud Industrial Internet of Things Solutions, and Zuo Xiaoan, Director of Create @ Alibaba Cloud “Intelligent Manufacturing Track” Global Finals, as the judges of this competition, interacted with the finalists.

After fierce competition in the finals, Jilin Qiushi Spectral Data Technology Co., Ltd. won the Global Challenge championship. Sunzhan Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Boci Technology Co., Ltd., Paifang Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Beijing Gengdun Data Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Bongding Smart Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Ouruan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Jiuzong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Boyun Jianri (Shenzhen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Huanyu Lanbo Technology Co., Ltd., AsiaInfo Technology (China) Co., Ltd., ZTE Communications (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. won the “Innovation Application Award”.

Shanghai Shuowu Tiancheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., China Railway 14th Bureau Group Fangqiao Co., Ltd. Intelligent Equipment Branch, starlink, Capital Information Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shuyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shangxun Technology Co., Ltd., BANF, Shanghai Shangjian Hanzeng Software Technology Co., Ltd., Mianjie (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Eleven companies including Linx Deep Information Technology INC and Hong Kong Phoenix Nirvana Technology Co., Ltd. won the “Innovation Breakthrough Award”, and Shanghai Bongding Smart Technology Co., Ltd. won the “Best Popularity Award”.

Jilin Qiushi Spectral Data Technology Co., Ltd., the winner of this competition, is a research and development service provider of spectral instruments, and has independently developed spectral luminescent materials. Its product line includes “Yi Spectrum” series products, spectral chips and products around which harmful substances in consumer goods are detected and identified online on the platform of smart phones. Founded in 2017, the company has obtained two rounds of financing so far and has achieved KK-level mass production.

Cao Jie, deputy director of Haishu District’s Standing Committee of the People’s Congress and commander-in-chief of Cuibaili Innovation District’s development and construction headquarters, stated in his speech that Haishu District and Alibaba Cloud jointly founded the Create @ Alibaba Cloud “Intelligent Manufacturing Track” Global Finals “Global Challenge,” which is an important starting point for Haishu District to develop intelligent manufacturing clusters and enterprises. As Ningbo’s core city, Haishu District is deeply implementing the legal system strategy of national manufacturing power, network power, and digital power, actively responding to Ningbo’s call to build a global manufacturing innovation capital, a leading city of industrial internet, and a pioneering city of high-quality digital economy development in China, by strengthening the industrial work system, building a functional platform, and focusing on advantageous industries. He also emphasised that Haishu District is steadily embarking on the journey of becoming a leading area of intelligent manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province, and the demand for high-quality project talents is stronger than ever, urging more outstanding talents and projects to settle in Haishu.

It is understood that in addition to bonuses, the award-winning projects will also have the opportunity to become Alibaba Cloud-related ecological enterprises, receive Alibaba Cloud’s ecological resources support, and provide services such as landing subsidies, talent incentives and financing support provided by Haishu District of Ningbo City.

Open the imagination space of “intellectual creation”, and AI wave promotes the leap-forward development of manufacturing industry.

The AI+ Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Conference and Finals Awards Ceremony were held successfully on the afternoon of August 24th. Huang Qinbo, deputy director of the Ningbo Economic and Information Bureau, Li Gao, deputy head of Ningbo City’s Haishu District, and Wang Xiaodong, vice president of Alibaba Cloud and head of the intelligent Internet of Things business, each delivered speeches. Furthermore, Wu Heli, executive vice minister of the Haishu District Committee’s Talent Office, shared the theme of “Walking into Haishu” and detailed the Haishu District’s talent plan. The 36Kr Research Institute’s president, Zou Pingzhen, provided a detailed interpretation of the Research Report on the Digital Transformation of China’s Manufacturing Industry in 2023. Alibaba DAMO Voice Laboratory’s product director, John Young, Jiao Zhiliang, deputy general manager of Alibaba Cloud Business Incubation Division, and Zhu Bo, partner/deputy general manager of Zhongyu Zhiyuan, Zhang Aiguo, managing director of Qingtong Capital, Ding Li, co-founder and CEO of Pleisto, and Chen Xianyong, vice president of Flexiv Technology also attended the conference and shared their thoughts on industrial development and venture capital under the new paradigm of AI.

In his speech at the conference, Huang Qinbo, deputy director of the Ningbo Economic and Information Bureau, stated that Ningbo’s manufacturing industry has a solid foundation and a complete industrial system, which provides rich application scenarios and a broad market space for the development of intelligent manufacturing. Many outstanding scholars and entrepreneurs in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and AI have participated in this competition. It is a platform for the integration and development of high-quality projects and capital markets, as well as a platform for the exchange and interaction of talents, projects, and capital. This competition is expected to significantly aid the ecological development of Ningbo’s intelligent manufacturing industry through measures such as policy release, talent gathering, benchmarking demonstration, and ecological assistance. It will continue to promote Alibaba Cloud and Ningbo’s strategic cooperation, as well as provide strong support for Ningbo’s new industrialization development.

In his speech, Li Gao, deputy head of Ningbo’s Haishu District, introduced the district’s history and development prospects, and invited entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. He stated that in the future, Haishu District will construct an enterprise intellectual upgrading path of “digital workshop-smart factory-future factory” through the deep application of leading enterprises and digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, with the goal of constructing more than 100 digital workshops by 2027.

Wang Xiaodong, vice president of Alibaba Cloud and head of intelligent Internet of Things business, said at the conference that generative artificial intelligence is triggering a new round of technological revolution around the world, and “AI+” has become a new label of intelligent manufacturing. As the world’s leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company, Alibaba Cloud has been committed to using artificial intelligence technology to improve user experience and business efficiency. In the industrial field, Alibaba Cloud will further integrate the capabilities of the Thousand Questions model and Alibaba Cloud Internet of Things platform to provide intelligent solutions for enterprises and make the whole manufacturing process smarter and more efficient. And will use the power of digital technology to continuously serve local industries and innovative enterprises in Ningbo.

Wu Heli, executive deputy director of the Haishu District Committee’s Talent Office, also took the stage to detail the general situation, industrial development, and talent introduction policy of Haishu District to the participants. He stated that the Haishu District has a rich historical and cultural heritage and has always been regarded as the heart of Ningbo, the business district, and the core area of a well-known historical and cultural city. He also demonstrated all aspects of Haishu District, including its distinctive industries, location advantages, key development blocks, comprehensive facilities, and talent introduction plan.

During the conference, Huang Qinbo, deputy director of Ningbo Economic and Information Bureau, Wang Xiaodong, vice president of Alibaba Cloud and head of intelligent Internet of Things business, and Zou Ping, president of 36Kr Research Institute, attended the launching ceremony of the Research Report on Digital Transformation of China Manufacturing Industry in 2023. Zou Ping, President of 36Kr Research Institute, also made a detailed interpretation of the Research Report on Digital Transformation of China Manufacturing Industry in 2023. She deeply analyzed the influence of industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies on the R&D design, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service of manufacturing industry, and indicated that with the blessing of large model and multi-modal capability, artificial intelligence has the initiative service consciousness, and will penetrate all links of manufacturing industry and realize deeper application in the future.

New business models and innovative approaches will emerge one after the other under the new AI paradigm. John Young, product director of Alibaba DAMO Voice Lab, delivered a keynote speech on “Industry Application Innovation under the New AI Paradigm” at this conference. He stated that in the age of AI change, the model is becoming an increasingly important component of production. He also mentioned the concept of MaaS (Model as a Service) proposed by Alibaba Cloud for the first time in the industry last year, and detailed Alibaba Cloud’s product innovation in the field of big models using Tongyi Listening and Understanding as an example.

The new paradigm of AI is also expected to promote the emergence of a new wave of entrepreneurial upsurge. Liu Yuan, a partner of Zhen Fund, gave a keynote speech on “Thinking about Early Investment in AI Era” and shared the logic behind the investment of Zhen Fund. He introduced in detail the four types of entrepreneurs that Zhen Fund mainly faces, namely “little genius”, “old driver”, “trader” and “technical school”, and analyzed the current situation of AI+ track in terms of technology trends, market development, business model and other aspects, and suggested that entrepreneurs should always be curious and sensitive to cutting-edge technologies and take users and income as their main purposes.

Jiao Zhiliang, deputy general manager of Alibaba Cloud Business Incubation Division, moderated the roundtable forum, and guests included Zhu Bo, partner/deputy general manager of Zhongyu Zhiyuan, Zhang Aiguo, managing director of Qingtong Capital, Ding Li, co-founder and CEO of Pleisto, and Chen Xianyong, vice president of Flexiv Technology. Given the opportunities presented by the combination of AI and intelligent manufacturing, Zhu Bo believes that there is significant room for improvement in the manufacturing and management levels of the manufacturing industry, providing ample market opportunities for startups related to AI and intelligent manufacturing. According to Zhang Aiguo, investment opportunities in the AI+ manufacturing industry are structural, with the key being to find a good scene and demand points. Chen Xianyong and Ding Li shared their perspectives as entrepreneurs. Chen Xianyong demonstrated Flexiv Technology’s adaptive robot. He believes that by incorporating robots and artificial intelligence into the manufacturing process, the factory can truly usher in the intelligent stage. Ding Li, on the other hand, conducted a thorough examination of AI’s capability boundary and future technological development trend in the context of AI’s technological transformation.

The introduction of generative AI is ushering in a new round of industrial revolution. The digital and intelligent transformation faced by the manufacturing industry with trillions of dollars in output value is related not only to the enterprise, but also to the improvement of the country’s overall strength. The conference’s focus remained on the intelligent manufacturing track. Combining cutting-edge technology with regional industrial development not only stimulated the technological and business innovation of more new generation teams, but also added fuel to the fire of establishing a new highland of intelligent manufacturing.

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