Lao Students Bid Farewell as They Embark on Scholarship Programs in Japan

(Photo: Laotian Times)

Lao students set to pursue their studies in Japan received a warm farewell during a send-off reception hosted at the residence of the Ambassador of Japan to Laos on 15 March.

The students were selected to participate in the Government of Japan’s MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) scholarship program.

The event, attended by key figures including Phout Simmalavong, Minister of Education and Sports, and President of the Lao-Japan Friendship Association, alongside officials from pertinent organizations, also welcomed Lao returnees from their studies in Japan.

Having extended its educational support to Lao students for over three decades, the Government of Japan has facilitated the study of more than 1,300 students in the country under various scholarship schemes. 

This year, 28 students from Laos were selected to pursue graduate and undergraduate studies, as well as technical and specialized training in Japan. These scholars are anticipated to gain valuable experiences, knowledge, and skills during their time in Japan, which they will subsequently utilize for the benefit of national and regional development upon their return.

During the reception, Kobayashi Kenichi, Ambassador of Japan to Laos, expressed his hope that the Lao students would explore various regions of Japan, interact with their Japanese fellows, and immerse themselves in the nation’s unique culture. 

He also highlighted the upcoming 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Laos, emphasizing the importance of the student’s active involvement in commemorative events to further strengthen bilateral ties.

Representing the current MEXT scholarship awardees, Shengkhin Saeteun, who is set to pursue postgraduate studies, conveyed gratitude to the Government of Japan for its generous scholarships. She reiterated the recipients’ commitment to diligent study during their time in Japan. 

Additionally, Souksavanh Chanthongsy, a returnee from previous studies in Japan, shared her experiences and encouraged the incoming scholars to make the most of their opportunities.