“2024 Most Innovative Enterprise Award”



HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 22 April 2024 – With the aim of recognize the outstanding contributions and most innovative enterprises and institutions within the Hong Kong business community, BUSINESS INNOVATOR, a multimedia platform for business information and marketing, successfully organized the “2024 Most Innovative Enterprise Award” dinner banquet ceremony on April 19, 2024 at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Mongkok. The awards ceremony invited a distinguished gathering of prominent political and business figures who graced the event as officiators and presenters, exchanging exceptional and innovative business solutions with representatives from nearly a hundred companies. This resulted in a lively and captivating atmosphere.

2024 Most Innovative Enterprise Award
2024 Most Innovative Enterprise Award

With the theme of “Innovate・Lead・Succeed” this year’s BUSINESS INNOVATOR has carefully chosen 32 outstanding companies to be honoured with the Innovative Enterprise Award, covering a wide range of industries, including professional services, information technology, art and culture, financial services, beauty retail services, and more. Despite their diverse fields, all the award-winning companies share a common trait – they possess groundbreaking business solutions that propel their businesses forward. The award aims to convene industry elites from diverse sectors, fostering collaborative exploration of new possibilities, pioneering fresh business opportunities, and highlighting the industry’s excellence and unique appeal.

During her speech at the award ceremony, Ms. Ainslie Chan, Head of Marketing of BUSINESS INNOVATOR, stated, “Pioneering holds infinite possibilities, but it takes courage and perseverance to actualize. All of you, great entrepreneurs, have challenged the status quo and broken conventions. Your dreams and actions have pioneered brand-new business models, leaving a profound impact. Guiding new mindsets requires not only innovation but also leading industry trends, gaining insights into the market, foreseeing demands, early adoption of cutting-edge technologies, optimizing products and services to become role models, capturing markets, and fostering the development of industrial ecosystems. Glory is not only reflected in outstanding performance and brand influence but also in the positive impact on society. Businesses emphasize sustainable development, fulfill social responsibilities, and bring prosperity to employees, customers, partners, and the community. In the future, competition will intensify. However, I believe that by persisting in pioneering, leading, and striving, we will undoubtedly create a glorious era. Let us join forces and leverage innovative wisdom to explore broader horizons.”.

To mark the occasion, prominent political and business figures were invited as the officiant and award presenters of the award ceremony, including Dr. CHAN Pak Li, Bernard, JP, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Under Secretary of the Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau and Mr. Tommy Shum, Director, Corporate Medical and Wellness, Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited.

The award ceremony was a resounding success and was honoured to receive support from organizations across various sectors, including HSBC Commercial Banking, Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing, Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited, Joint PR Consultants Limited and Outsources (Production) Company Limited.

Winners of “2024 Most Innovative Enterprise Award” (in alphabetical order of companies)

Automate Wealth Management Limited The Most Outstanding Mainland Visitor Life Insurance Service Award of the Year
Cheery Limited The Best One-Stop IT Solution of the Year
CreFIT 維信 The Most Outstanding Financial Institution of the Year
DigiDumpling Limited The Most Outstanding Enterprise Digital Transformation Consulting Services of the Year
Dr Buzz Medical Centre Limited The Best Medical Information Platform of the Year
East Gear (International) Corp Limited The Most Leading Professional Overseas Safety Equipment Supplier of the Year
Excalibur Energy Service Company Limited The Most Outstanding Energy Saving Management Solution Provider of the Year
Expivotal Consultancy The Most Outstanding Workplace Psychology Consultant of the Year
GA Club The Most Outstanding Dance School of the Year
Hong Kong Hypnosis Institute The Best Hypnotherapy Education Institution of the Year
HONG KONG TEA FACTORY LIMITED The Best Tea and Tea Culture Promotion Brand of the Year
LMCHING Group Limited The Most Reputable Global E-commerce Enterprise for Skincare and Beauty of the Year
LULU BROWNSHOP LIMITED The Best Professional Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Embroidery Studio of the Year
MaMa Me Jamu紮肚 產前後護理中心 The Best One-Stop Maternity Care Center of the Year
MCM Professional Organizer The Most Outstanding Professional Organizing Service of the Year
Ming Ren Fitness Studio The Best Taekwondo Comprehensive Training Centre of the Year
MTR Corporation Limited The Most Innovative Shopping Mall of the Year
Orbit Consultancy Services Limited The Best Human Capital Management System of the Year
PALRON NEW MATERIALS COMPANY LIMITED The Best Eco-Friendly Tableware Supplier of the Year
Pearl Makeup & Beauty Limited The Best One-stop Makeup and Beauty Service of the Year
PRPPL Consultancy Limited The Best Professional Healthcare Marketing Consultant of the Year
Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Hong Kong Limited The Best International Logistics Service Provider of the Year
Shan Feng Shui Consultancy The Best Feng Shui Metaphysics Consultant of the Year
SK2 Corporate Services (HK) Limited The Best Corporate Services Company of the Year
STYLEVANA The Best Online Shopping Platform for Quality Beauty Products of the Year
Taxbeauty HK Limited The Best Comprehensive Tax Service of the Year
Taxieco New World Limited The Most Outstanding Transportation Technology Platform of the Year
Twilight Academy of Music And Arts The Best Diverse Music and Arts Academy of the Year
V Cycle The Best Plastic Recycling and Poverty Alleviation Social Enterprise of the Year
W.H.Y. Brand Consultancy The Best Brand Design Consultancy of the Year
W+Plus Fitness and Wellness The Most Outstanding Physical Fitness Center of the Year
Yu Fung Broker Limited The Most Outstanding Professional Insurance Brokerage Company of the Year

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