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Oudomxay Court Sentences Officials to Life and Eight Years for Major Embezzlement

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On 13 June, the Oudomxay Criminal Court handed jail sentences to two former civil servants for their involvement in a corruption case worth LAK 10 billion (USD 454,935).

Khanthaly, the Former Director of the Microfinance Institution of Oudomxay Province, received a life imprisonment sentence. Meanwhile, Phonevilay was sentenced to eight years and six months in prison. Both admitted to their crimes, which included facilitating money laundering through banks and manipulating people’s finances.

Khanthaly confessed to embezzling funds from citizens’ bank accounts by creating fake loan documents. The stolen money, totaling LAK 8 billion (around USD 363,948.00), was used for illegal gambling, including online games and buying illegal lottery tickets.

In addition to embezzlement, Phonevilay avoided taxes and convinced 12 other government officers to participate in the fraud, which defrauded an additional LAK 720 million (approximately USD 32,755), as Lao Security News reported. So far, only LAK 47 million (USD 2,138) has been recovered and returned to the government. 

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