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PM Meets with Relocated Families Due to Hydropower Plant

On Nov 5, Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith visited families affected by the Nam Ou 1 hydropower project in the settlement village Houaylo, Pak-ou district, Luang Prabang.

An estimated 134 families have been reportedly affected due to the implementation of the hydropower development project.

The resettlement of the affected households is scheduled to take place by year end, when the crop harvest season has reached completion.

The Prime Minister pressed local authorities to cooperate with all relevant sectors to deliberate on the impacts of the project and address them in a prompt manner.

He urged citizens to attach importance to their family income generation activities by tapping potentials in their communities, cease subsistence agriculture and develop products unique to their communities as an ODOP (One District One Product) of Pak-ou district, contributing to the comprehensive development in their communities.

On Monday, Nov 6, Prime Minister Thongloun then met with the Party committee of the province, where he informed province officials on plans for the designation of Luang Prabang as a capital and tourism affairs in the province.

He encouraged local authorities to prepare a celebration for after the announcement of Luang Prabang district as Luang Prabang Capital in the near future. The PM emphasized that the hospitality of local people should be promoted so that the province can better attract visitors during Visit Laos Year 2018.

The Prime Minister also visited the construction sites of Laos-China Railway Project in Phonexay Meuang village, Luang Prabang district.

Vientiane Capital Aims to Become More Livable City

Vientiane Capital Infrastructure Development

Authorities hope to make major improvements to infrastructure in Vientiane Capital with the aim of making it a more livable city.

Improvements are to be made in easing traffic congestion, road upgrades, construction of embankments, waste management, and a host of other issues.

Mayor Dr Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune made an announcement at the second session of the Vientiane People’s Council, which is being held from January 9 – 17.

Mayor Sinlavong stated that improvements to basic infrastructure is a major component of the government’s 8th National Socio-Economic Development Plan.

Dr Sinlavong went on to say that the improvements of roads will ensure road safety, and will help residents enjoy a more attractive place to live.

The road network has required expansion for quite some time, as narrow streets have caused frequent traffic jams. The Mayor mentioned that among other things, authorities needed to better enforce traffic regulations and construction laws within city limits.

In terms of planning, commercial properties have been constructed in areas without parking, which as left residents with no alternative but to park their cars on roadsides or sidewalks, and sometimes blocking smaller streets.

ADB Bus Station Artist Impression

Artist’s Impression of Improved Public Transport in Vientiane Capital

This people’s council session will also see discussion of the government’s strategic development policies for promotion of economic growth, stability, and developing human resources through improvements in the health and education sectors.

Anti-social behavior is also high on the agenda, including issues such as drug abuse and other crimes. Although law enforcement in many districts has improved, there are still may issues that need attention.

Drug abuse will be dealt with through public awareness campaigns that will target at-risk groups.

The people’s council meeting will consider the vision for Vientiane Capital until 2030, and the strategy for up to 2025. It will finalize the budget plans for the next five years, and the five-year plan of the council itself, including the drafting of new laws for administration of the capital city.

Images: ADB

Vientiane Capital Expects 11 Percent Economic Growth


Authorities of Vientiane Capital are hoping to see economic growth of 11 percent this year, with an expected GDP increase of 41.6 trillion kip.

The annual average per capita income for residents of Vientiane Capital is also expected to reach US$5,000.

Industry is expected to grow by 47 percent of GDP, while agriculture and forestry is said to grow by 7 percent.

Vientiane Capital hopes to produce rice for domestic consumption and export on over 76,000 hectares of land, with a yield of 355,800 tonnes.

Vegetables and other crops are also being promoted, and are to be grown on over 11,200 hectares of land. This will yield 115,500 tonnes of produce.

To grow the beef industry, Vientiane will also focus on commercial cattle farming and will expand the number of farms.

The services sector is also targeted for growth representing 36 percent of GDP, according to figures provided by the Vientiane Department of Planning and Investment.

In order to achieve the economic growth target, Vientiane Capital must invest 14.9 trillion kip into socio-economic development, with 103 billion kip coming from the state budget.


The target set for goods destined for export is 18 percent of total production, and the city will try to develop commercial industry by attracting more investors.

The capital’s electricity network is another major focus for municipal authorities, with expansion of the network to reach new villages as well as priority development areas in order to promote commerce and tourism.

Alongside this, Vientiane Capital will expand its water supply operations, accelerate poverty eradication, and improve education.

Education will be improved by an increasing in the number of children enrolled from kindergarten to secondary school.

Last year, Vientiane Capital’s economy grew by 10.92 percent, a reduction of 0.8 percent, while GDP reached 37.4 trillion kip, with an average of almost US$4,784 per capita.

Unregulated Signage Proliferates in the Capital

The problem of foreign language signboards erected by businesses in Vientiane is now too difficult, an official has revealed, because there are simply so many signs and the authorities can no longer manage the workload.

Capital Apartment Prices, Rents to Ease Next Year

Apartment sales prices and rents in Vientiane are expected to decrease by around 5 percent next year as more developments come onto the market, according to a leading operator in the sector.

SHD, Link Capital Team Up to Develop Agarwood in Laos

Agarwood products in Laos will be developed to international standard for export thanks to a new deal after local growers have struggled with marketing and the technical aspects of agarwood cultivation for many years.

Exploring the Ancient Lao Capital of Luang Prabang

LUANG PRABANG – President Barack Obama will visit Laos next week to attend a regional summit, making him the first U.S. president to visit the once-isolated Southeast Asian country.

Fatal Fortnight in Capital Claims Six Lives

Six victims died in road accidents in the capital over the two weeks from August 1-14, according to the Vientiane Traffic Police Department.