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Only Certain Plantation Tree Species May Be Exported: Govt Spokesman

Only certain species of trees grown in managed plantations may be exported, not all species, the government spokesman said last week.

Laos’ Only Professional Cyclist Ready for Olympic Close-Up

Laos is not known for producing world-class athletes, let alone Olympian cyclists. In fact, the tiny Southeast Asian country known officially as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic never makes global sports headlines. It is a placid place of just under seven million squeezed on the map between far more populous and famous countries.

National University Can Accept Only 5,335 Students

More than 15,000 students have registered for entrance exams at the National University of Laos, but the university has said that only 5,335 students will be granted entry into the university system.

Government to Accept Only 5,000 New Employees In 2017

The government has announced that it will recruit only 5,000 new employees in 2017 in line with the country’s development needs.