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Laos, Singapore Cooperate in Cyber Protection

Laos’ Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is working in collaboration with Portcullis Technologies Singapore in the development of the nation’s cyber protection.

A seminar on a new paradigm in Cyber Protection’ was held at the National Conference Centre in Vientiane on Thursday and attended by Director General of Planning and Cooperation Department, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Mr Phoukhong Chithoublok, Managing Director of Portcullis Technologies Singapore, Mr Max Lee and other officials.

The event demonstrated the importance of addressing cyber security, cyber protection in modern business, trends of cyber security and how Laos can leverage the new paradigm in combating and mitigating the cyber threat.

The initiative is in line with the national ICT Vision 2030 and ICT Five Year Strategic Development Plan which aim to advance the adoption of emerging ICT for sustainable development, ensure secure information sharing and data protection, and a safe online environment.

With the increasing complexity of cyber security threats that modern business faces today, the oversimplified approach of detection and removal needs to be overhauled, with a rethink for a more effective strategy.

During the seminar, guest speakers from Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia also shared their knowledge on cyber security related issues.

Acting Director General of Lao Computer Emergency Response Team (LaoCERT), Mr Khamla Sounnalat, highlighted there were now 2,611,141 actual internet users in Laos with 2,583,358 using 3G and 4G internet connections.

The Lao government has prioritised the promotion of the information and communications technology (ICT) sector as the engine for socio-economic development.

This includes establishing new laws, regulations, decrees and related legislation for governing and managing the development and usage of the ICT sector as well as creating the cyber security policy in order to protect Critical National Information Infrastructure.

LaoCERT has become a fully operational, trusted channel among the ICT sectors providing alert warnings, incident responses and cyber security advisory. Mr Phoukhong Chithoublok said Laos’ Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is committed to fulfilling its international obligations in the order to address these global challenges and we are working hard in building a safe and secure ICT infrastructure and services in our own country.

He stressed the ministry also had LaoCERT to coordinate national efforts in cyber security and they had successfully promulgated cyber crime law and were now working on the draft of the national cyber policy.

Meanwhile, Mr Max Lee said Portcullis Technologies will share a new and effective approach to overcome these challenges, in partnership with the reputable Lao-based ICT System Integrator, Datacom Corporation Ltd. This initiative is an important collaborative initiative to introduce uniquely differentiated cyber security training and consultancy for both information technology and operational technology related critical infrastructure in Lao PDR.

The public-private partnership in cyber security was proven to be a formidable contributor to Laos’ ICT industry. They would bring cyber security experts from the region to Laos to provide training and certification thereby boosting the local pool of cyber security professionals.


Source: Vientiane Times

Over 3km of Eroded Riverbank Slated for Protection

The repair of riverbank erosion is a priority for next year, with 3,140 metres of the Mekong and its branches in three provinces to be shored up, a leading official has announced.

Minister of Public Works and Transport Dr Bounchan Sinthavong told National Assembly members about the riverbank protection at the legislature’s ongoing session.

Dr Bounchan said the priority work would be carried out at four points to tackle erosion and shore up 3,140 metres of riverbank in the provinces of Borikh amxay, Xayaboury and Bokeo.

“About 63.6 billion kip will be spent on riverbank protection,” he said.

Borikhamxay province plans to protect an 820 metre section along the Mekong at the border area in Nakhaneua village, Thaphabath district, and another 700 metres near Phabathphonson village in the same district.

A 1,100 metre section of the Heuang River in Kaenthao district, Xayaboury province, is also slated for repair.

And a 520 metre section of the Mekong River embankment in Tonpheung district, Bokeo province, will be built up following erosion.

A Borikhamxay provincial official, Mr Keoudone Luangsouvannavong, told Vientiane Times on Tuesday that the Mekong riverbank in Nakhaneua and Phabathphonsan villages began to crumble in 2012.

These riverbanks have eroded excessively each year since because of flooding.

Earlier this month Borikhamxay province invited officials from various ministries to visit the province to witness the erosion at the Pakxan-Bueng Kan international border between Laos and Thailand.

A section of fencing at the Pakxan border has already disappeared into the Mekong because of erosion.

Borikhamxay surveyed 197 kilometres along the Mekong in the districts of Pakxan, Thaphabath and Pakkading which revealed that a 79km section of riverbank was in need of an embankment.

Ac cording to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the repairs along the Mekong and other rivers would cost about 4,369 billion kip.

Some 289km of riverbank along the Mekong in various parts of the country and along the Heuang River in Xayaboury province have crumbled, and about 120km has been shored up with embankments.

Dr Bounchan said there was now about 168k m of riverbank that was suffering from erosion.

Source: Vientiane Times

Deputy PM Calls for Stronger Environmental Protection

The Environment Protection Fund (EPF) has to be reformed as a stronger permanent government organisation so it can continuously and effectively implement its function.

PM Ask Youths to Sacrifice for National Development, Protection

Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has called for the young generation to devote their efforts to the development and protection of the country, for which their Lao ancestors sacrificed their blood, as part of the heritage for succeeding generations.

Association Pursues Wild Animal Protection Efforts

The Lao Wildlife Conservation Association (LWCA) is carrying out a wildlife conservation and capacity building project to help protect wild animals in Laos.

Flood Protection Embankment to Be Built in Hadxaifong

Construction of a 30-km embankment along the Mekong River starting near the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge in Vientiane will soon begin.

Consumer Protection Hotline Needs More Collaboration

The consumer protection hotline on 1510 requires closer cooperation and more responsibility from the concerned sectors to ensure the faster resolution of claims or disputes.