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Christchurch Calamity: Laos’ PM Thongloun Offers Condolences to New Zealand, Condemns Terrorism

Prime Minister of Laos, Thongloun Sisoulith on behalf of the government on Monday sent a message of deepest sympathy to New Zealand counterpart, PM Jacinda Adern following Christchurch terror attacks on March 15.

Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith on behalf of the government of Laos on Monday sent “a message of deepest sympathy” to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, over the mass shooting that took place in Christchurch on March 15.

Carried by Lao media outlets including state-run print media Vientiane Times and KPL Lao News Agency, the English version of the PM’s statement read:

“We are deeply shocked to learn about the mass shooting in the Masjid Al Noor and Linwood mosques in Christchurch on March 15, which caused tremendous loss of life and left many people wounded.”

“On behalf of the Lao government and people, I would like to express our deepest condolences and sympathy to Your Excellency, and the government and people of New Zealand, particularly the families of the victims of this tragic incident.”

“The Lao PDR strongly condemns this act of terrorism and stands with the international community in the fight against international terrorism in order to maintain peace and stability in the region and the world.”

“I am confident that under Your Excellency’s leadership, the government and people of New Zealand will be able to overcome this tragedy and restore life to normal.”

$US10,000 per Life Lost as PM Thongloun Orders Victim Compensation in Sanamxay

Laos PM Thongloun Sisoulith Orders 10,000USD Compensation from Consortium to Sanamxay District Flash Flooding Victims' next of kin following July 23, 2018 Saddle Dam D collapse at Xe Pian Xe Namnoy.

Compensation of some 10,000 USD has been paid to relatives and next of kin of the 71 confirmed killed and missing presumed deceased in Attapeu’s Sanamxay District following July’s Flash Flooding Disaster based upon an order issued by Laos’ PM Thongloun Sisoulith.

The Prime Ministerial Order identifies the funding of payments to victims of Sanamxay’s District Saddle Dam D Collapse as the responsibility of the consortium SK Engineering and Construction, the South Korean dam construction company, and Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Power Co, the dam operator.

Family and next of kin of each of the 71 people officially accounted for as deceased or missing will receive a one-off US$10,000 (Bt320,000) payment in compensation for the loss of their loved ones in the accident.

Prime Ministerial Order 138 issued January 23 came exactly six months to the day since July 23’s dam collapse which sent a flash flood of water, mud, and debris down the Xe Pian river valley in the middle of the night, claiming victims and their dwellings, leaving others most fortunate to escape with their lives.

Six months after the disaster, the lives and livelihoods of many victims remain precarious as most remain unable to return to their former lands or ways of life.

Thailand’s The Nation reported on the woes of the victims in a report entitled “Dam disaster victims stare at uncertain future” in which it said that “fears linger for livelihoods as new villages being built for Lao victims may not be suitable for agriculture”.

It followed a report in Hong Kong’s The Straits Times on January 21 entitled “Victims of Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy dam collapse in Laos languish in shelters as aid, supplies dry up”.

While the residents of two out of five camps have moved into their temporary new homes already, hundreds of families still have to live in tents,” the Straits Times report stated.

“The camp residents are suffering from a severe shortage of basic necessities, as donations have dropped drastically after last July’s incident stopped making headlines. They said they had to make do with what little they get from the authorities.”

The Laotian Times continues to report on the dam collapse, response, relief, and its aftermath.

Aerial View of Attapeu Partially Submerged / Photo Credit: Allan Liu (Hope Vision)

Laos, Cambodia PMs Agree To Continue Joint Patrols in Disputed Area

Border Discussion as Cambodia PM Hun Sen Visits Laos

The governments of Laos and Cambodia have agreed in Vientiane to continue efforts to de-escalate tensions in a disputed border area.

The agreement was made during Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s visit to Vientiane yesterday at the invitation of Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith.

Thongloun said Laos highly valued the visit of Hun Sen and his delegation as a significant contribution to enhancing relationship and cooperation between the two countries in all areas.

The two prime ministers also presided over the signing ceremony of documents on education, cultural and art cooperation, among others.

During their meeting, both sides agreed to an ongoing prohibition on various activities in the disputed border areas with a view to future resolution.

At a press conference shortly after the bilateral talks, Thongloun said both sides reaffirmed their intention to enhance the long-standing friendly relations, cooperation and solidarity between the two countries in the spirit of mutual respect and interests.

The Lao and Cambodian leaders reiterated that Kengtomokhoy-Huaytangao area is an unresolved area where no military forces are expected to be present, no people are expected to live or do business.

The area must be patrolled together by both sides using land, water and arial (drone) means.

The latest visit follows ongoing discussions that have been held to reduce tensions in the long-running dispute that flared up in August 2017 after which Mr Hu. The pair have also met regularly at ASEAN meets including in this year’s host, Singapore.

Official demarcation of the boundary between the two nations has not yet been fully completed since their liberation from colonial rule, and tiffs over border locations have been common in the past, the Laotian Times reported in 2017.

Photo: Lao Post

Prime Minister Sisoulith Halts Vientiane Water Price Increase

After a vocal public backlash against the planned fee increase of water announced by the Vientiane Water Supply Company, the Prime Minister’s Office has issued an order to stop the price increase that had been set for the beginning of 2017.

PM Takes Concerns of People Seriously

The PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) has taken the concerns of the people into serious consideration and has requested that the price hike be temporarily halted until a time deemed more appropriate. The order was issued to the Vientiane Administration Office, which subsequently relayed the directive to the Water Supply Company of Vientiane.

Money Needed for Supply Infrastructure

While many local residents are praising the fee suspension, a number of experts are of the opinion that the increase may perhaps be justified to reinvest in supply infrastructure.