Flash Flooding Hits Farmers in Xayaboury


Almost 200 families in Botaen district, Xayaboury province, have lost some or all of their crops to flash flooding after heavy rains last weekend but luckily no deaths or injuries were reported.

Botaen District Governor Mr. Bounsen Chanthaphong told Vientiane Times yesterday that on the evening of July 23, heavy rains caused widespread flooding in low-lying areas.

Some 174 families have been affected to varying degrees, mostly in Nakha, Botaen, Donsavang, Taokeua and Nhai villages.

The flooded area includes 60 hectares of rice fields, 56 fish farms and some houses.

Mr. Bounsen said it was the first recorded instance of flash flooding in the district.

District authorities are preparing a report for the Xayaboury provincial authorities so they can take steps to help the worst affected villagers.

This year, farming families in many parts of the country have been hit by flash flooding and have lost crops as a result.

From July 10-14, over 300 hectares of farmland in six villages of Borikhan district, Borikhamxay province, were also partially underwater.

Some 900 families in communities along the Nam Xan river have been affected to varying degrees, mostly in Vatthat, Nahaen, Sisavath, Hadpho, Phonkham and Pakheuang villages.

The flooded area includes 262 hectares of rice fields and 65 hectares of cassava crops.

A one-kilometre stretch of road running between Hadonkhoun and Phonkham villages and 500 metres of road in the centre of Borikhan district were also under water.

Also in Pakxan district, Borikhamxay province, over 1,000 people were cut off from neighbouring towns and districts after a road flooded there recently, with two villages having to resort to transport by boat. According to district authorities, Thabor and Songkhone villages were under water and flooding had occurred along a 300-metre stretch of the road.

Some 200 families of more than 1,000 people are struggling to get in and out of their villages and are using boats to get around.

These areas are vulnerable to flooding because they are low-lying and flooding has occurred here in the past. Pakxan district authorities are planning to upgrade the road to protect it from flooding in the future. According to the Xinhua news agency, some 8.6 million people were affected by floods and landslides caused by heavy rain in China last week. Officials said that at least 154 people have been killed while another 124 are missing.

Source: Vientiane Times