South Korean Government Funds Students to Study In Korea


Seven Lao students are invited to study in the Republic of Korea for their Master’s and PhD degrees.

The scholars include Metkham Akhalath, Bang On boutsaseng, Viyada Itthiphone, Khamtan Khamsamsee, Daophone Phetkhampheng, Soumatsa Soulivong, and Savivanh Vongxaiya.

On July 28th, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea invited the seven students to the embassy and congratulated them on their final acceptance for 2016 KGSP – Korea Government Scholarship Programme, which is supported by NIIED – National Institute for International Education.

The students will study Korean at the language institute for a year and then focus on their majors. Among them, six will be studying for their master’s degree and one for his PhD degree. They will be studying in six different universities in Seoul, Busan, and Gwangju.

Source: KPL