Innovative & Quality Products to Improve Health of Lao People


The Longrich BioScienceThailand Company introduced innovative & quality health care products to Lao people in Vientiane Capital yesterday.The event was held at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Vientiane Capital on August 23 in the presence of Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Bounty Thamith, Head of the Technology and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology Mr. Soumana Chaunlamany, and the Deputy Manager of the Longrich BioScienceThailand Company, Mrs Jindarat Twictermsop.

Longrich BioScience is the first advanced cosmetic research institute to implement a comprehensive study of the biological and physiological properties of Asian skin by adopting the most advanced technology and formula in the world.

“We believe that the new innovative products will help Lao people become healthier and live longer thereby contributing to the socio-economic development of our country,” Mr. Bounty said.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has the duty to control research, inspect new innovative products, and also to promote creative ideas to ensure Lao people’s rights to new innovative products, said Mr. Bounty.

Source: KPL