Two Houses Burn Down in Donpamai Village


Two houses burned down in Donpamai village, Sisattanak district, Vientiane, on Wednesday, with resulting damages estimated at some 900 million kip.An official in charge of the Vientiane Fire Prevention and Protection Department told Vientiane Times that the fire started around 11:20am yesterday.

Some 18 fire control police personnel and volunteers from Vientiane Rescue were called to the scene, with officers able to put out the fire before it spread more widely.

Police deployed three fire trucks to control the blaze, the seriousness of which had been escalating rapidly.

Fire fighters needed two hours to extinguish the flames completely.

The first floor of both houses were made of concrete, while the second floors were made of wood.

The fire started at the residence of a Mr. Phetsamone, 56, and spread to a house owned by a Mr. Khamphery, 56, leaving both in charred ruins.

Police confirm that an electrical short circuit may have caused the fire which led to the 900 million kip damages bill of some 900 million kip or about US$110,000.

Police said during August about five cases of fire had been reported in the capital including two houses, one warehouse, one company premise, two apartment buildings and one furniture factory.

The department advised the public to check electrical devices before leaving home, to take care when burning rubbish and not to let children play with fire.

The department also repeated its warning for people to be on their guard against accidental fires and not to take risks with electrical wiring or appliances, or to leave burning candles unattended.

According to the nation’s Fire Prevention and Protection Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security, 112 fires have been reported around the country from January to June this year, causing over 101 billion kip in damages.

Some 132 houses have burned down, 30 hectares of grass were scorched, two markets and one mill and were noted among those sutaining fire damage. Five cars were among the many items damaged or destroyed.

Officials said 37 of the fires were caused by electrical short circuits, another seven by arson, 15 through carelessness or forgetfulness and that many other cases were still under investigation. Most of the fires occurred in Vientiane but there was also a large fire in Dao Heuang market in Pakxe district, Champassak province that gutted the market at an estimated cost of 58 billion kip. The nation’s capital alone had some 38 fires reported causing over 5 billion kip in damage.

Some 33 houses burned down, five hectares of grass were scorched, five people were injured and another fatally.

Five motorbikes and one car were among the many items damaged or destroyed.

Officials said 22 of these fires in Vientiane were caused by electrical short circuits, another four started via the burning of grass or garbage and one was due to lighted candles.

Source: Vientiane Times