Luang Prabang Reports Damage From Flash Flooding


A total of 155 villages in Luang Prabang province have suffered damages from flash flooding after heavy rains from August 8-21, with damages estimated at over 65 billion kip.

Four victims were declared dead in areas of Phonxay, Viengkham and Xiengngeun districts, provincial authorities stated after collecting information on the damaged zones.

More than 590 dwellings and 3,973 households were affected by the flooding, with 93 houses suffering serious damage and another 44 houses were washed away completely.

Meanwhile, 11 main roads and 16 bridges were damaged, causing difficulties in travel.

Damage was also sustained by five local schools, two health care offices, 27 irrigation channels and 41 irrigation dams. According to provincial authorities, more than 1,150 hectares of rice fields, 95 hectares of fruit plantations, and over 280 hectares of other plantations and farmland were damaged; along with 20 cattle and 790 other animals that were injuriously affected.

Some 134 electricity poles broke in Phonxay, Viengkham andPhonthongdistrictsatacost of more than 537 million kip.

The National Committee for Disaster Prevention and Control, several ministries and concerned officials delivered drinking water, household essentials and emergency cash payments to those affected by the flooding.

Provincial authorities hope to respond to flash flooding more rapidly and through preparation, assigning teams to deliver household essentials to areas deemed at risk.

The provincial authorities and district officials discussed a joint partnership to protect villages at risk of flash flooding, particularly those located near hydropower dam construction projects as well as communities in Phonxay and Xiengngeun districts.

Luang Prabang authorities have offered assistance to help the remaining victims, including a budget allocation to repair and make improvements to damaged irrigation systems, roads and schools.

Most flood victims still do not have enough food staples or household essentials nor construction equipment and materials to repair or rebuild their houses.

Local villagers also have asked authorities to reconsider the management of reservoirs and hydropower dam projects in Luang Prabang province.

Source: Vientiane Times