Singer Sonan Swaps Pop for Folk Rock Approach in Return


Pop rocker Sonan is back and singing better than ever after an unwanted brush with a road accident in June saw him refocusing on his goals during recovery.

The BorhakKheuBorbork singer says he is only now able to return to work full time.

However, he says his voice has improved since the accident, as he now takes better care of himself and avoids drinking alcohol.

The rock musician from the Lao Lanexang label plans to capitalise on his recovery with the expected release of two new songs in November that could well be expected to hit high rotation on local radio stations.

The folk rock inspired Khob Jai Thy Thimkan and Kabma Dai Bor (Phor Yang Hak Yu , represent an evolution in style for Mr. Sonan, who has been thus far been better known for his pop rocking ways.

With more than 50 percent of the production work completed on the songs, plans for videos are already in the works with their release date being set for early next year.

Mr. Sonan says his new lyrics were inspired by his own life experiences and the message of transforming love’s vision to the public.

The song tells the story of a playboy who meets a lot of girls; when his girlfriend finds out she decides to meet up with another lad, leaving our protagonist to see his mistake and change his ways in a bid to bring his darling back.

In the other song, Khob Jai Thy Thimkan , he thanks his ex-girlfriend for leaving him and allowing him to meet a new girl.

Apart from keeping himself busy arranging the melodies for his songs, Sonan continues to focus on the business side in searching for sponsors to help with productions costs.

He thanks his fans for their continued support and looks forward to sharing his new folk rock sounds with them in November.

Source: Vientiane Times